6 Types of Closets and Their Uses

6 Types of Closets and Their Uses

May 10, 2024

So, you're thinking about changing closet styles and diving into the world of different types of closets. But where do you start?

Closets come in all shapes and sizes, each serving a different purpose depending on your needs and space availability! Not only that, but they’re also extremely customizable, all the way up to the type of closet doors you choose.

From standard reach-in closets to luxurious walk-ins and charming wardrobes, there's something for everyone. Let's explore the different types of closets one by one and see which one fits your lifestyle best!

6 Types of Closets and Their Uses

Standard Reach-In Closets

First up, we have the trusty standard reach-in closet. These are the ones that are typically seen as a bedroom closet or in hallways. Don't let its standard status fool you, because there's a lot you can do to maximize these types of closet’s potential.

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When it comes to storage solutions, you’ll want to explore what shelving, hanging rods, and drawers, and organizers like baskets, bins, and dividers you’ll want to use to keep everything in its place. Because reach-in closets are already limited on space, you’ll want to make sure these have proper lighting for visibility. Opt for LED fixtures or leverage natural light sources to brighten up your closet oasis so space never feels like an issue.

Walk-In Closets

If you're lucky enough to have the space, a walk-in closet might be calling your name. These types of closets offer room to roam and get organized in style. But with great space comes great responsibility – you'll need to plan the layout carefully to make the most of it.

You’ll need to greatly consider different zones for clothing, accessories, and shoes to keep things tidy. There are tons of different organizational approaches, like the famous KonMari method of organization, that can help you know where your items are and never feel lost in your closet.

You can also try a few different organizational styles – sorting by clothing type, color, frequency, season – and switching things up whenever the mood strikes.

No matter what you choose, just remember one of our favorite organizational hacks: vertical storage. Shelving and hanging options make the most of every inch and keep things off the floor.

Wardrobe or Armoire

Last but not least, you’ve got charming wardrobe or armoire to choose from. Perfect for rooms without built-in closets, these standalone beauties might not be the most space-savvy, but they’re quaint and bring lots of personality to a room.

When choosing one, think about how it fits into your room's décor. You could find one that’s  more modern minimalism or that has a little more rustic charm.

The types of closet doors usually featured on armoires can also easily class up any space. But style isn't everything – make sure to consider storage capacity and organization features too. And don't overlook the importance of ventilation and lighting inside the wardrobe. After all, you want your clothes to stay fresh and easy to find!

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Specialty Closets

Utility Closets

These hardworking little spaces are where you stash cleaning supplies, tools, and all sorts of household essentials. But just because they're practical doesn't mean they have to be boring.

First, assess your storage needs. What do you need to store in here? Are they all necessities, or are some of them old, empty containers that you can throw away?

We always like to suggest installing adjustable shelves to accommodate items of all shapes and sizes, from bulky vacuum cleaners to tiny bottles of cleaner.

We’ll also install hooks and racks based on what you need, so you can have easy access to tools and equipment without them taking up precious floor space.

For the little things that can easily clutter up a space, we like to add door organizers for easy access to these items that you shouldn’t need to kneel down for, like gloves and brushes, keeping everything within arm's reach when you need it most.

Linen Closets

These should be a little sanctuary for all things soft and fluffy. But let’s face it – you probably have a few other things in your linen closet than you’d like to admit. Linen closets can easily become a chaotic mess of mismatched towels and tangled sheets if you don’t know how to fold them.

Start by sorting your linens by category and size – towels, sheets, blankets, etc. We can help you figure out how to use bins or baskets to corral those smaller items like washcloths and pillowcases. You’ll also want to think about airflow, keeping your closet well-ventilated to prevent musty odors from taking over.

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Pantry Closets

Last but certainly not least, we have the heart of the home – the pantry closet. Food organization will help you not only find what you need, but will make cooking a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to redesign your pantry, you’ll want to think about flexibility, using adjustable shelves to accommodating containers of all shapes and sizes.

And just like closets, pantries can also use door racks as a handy spot for little things like  spices, condiments, and other small items.

Frequently Asked Questions: Different Types of Closets

What’s the best type of closet for a small room?

When space is at a premium, choosing the right type of closets can make all the difference. For a small room, reach-in closets will be the most space-saving for you. In order to best optimize these, you’ll want ones with customizable shelving and hanging options, with a focus on vertical storage.

If you’d prefer a piece of furniture, you can also look into multi-functional furniture like wardrobes or armoires. These pieces not only provide ample storage but also add a touch of style to your room.

How can I maximize my closet space?

Maximizing closet space is all about smart organization. You might want to start with a decluttering method that creates a philosophy of keeping or discarding/donating things you no longer need. This will help you free up space not just one time, but every time you buy something new or see something in your closet you no longer need.

As we mentioned, vertical space is your friend! And for a more tailored solution, you can invest in a custom closet system designed to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.

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What are some eco-friendly options for customizing a closet?

For those looking to minimize their environmental impact, there are plenty of eco-friendly options available, like bamboo or reclaimed wood for shelving and storage units.

Not only are these materials environmentally friendly, but they also add a natural aesthetic to your space.

Opt for non-toxic finishes and adhesives to reduce indoor air pollution and create a healthier home environment. Get creative with repurposing existing furniture or materials for DIY closet projects. And finally, don't forget to donate or recycle old closet components instead of throwing them away – every little bit helps in reducing waste and protecting our planet.

Custom Closet Solutions with Closet World

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