How to Design a Closet System with Drawers (for Big or Small Closets!)

How to Design a Closet System with Drawers (for Big or Small Closets!)

June 20, 2024

Whether your closet is the size of a walk-in pantry or a spacious dressing room, a well-designed closet system with drawers can transform it into an organized oasis. The beauty of these systems is their versatility – you can customize them to fit any space and storage need.

But how can you open your closet and find everything you need neatly tucked away, easy to see, and even easier to access? Let’s talk drawers.

How to Design a Closet System with Drawers (for Big or Small Closets!)

Drawers are well-loved for their ability to hold a lot, access easily, and organize different types of clothing pieces.

Assessing Your Closet Needs

The first step in designing your dream closet system with drawers is taking stock of what you have and what you need.

Start by evaluating your wardrobe —

  • What types of clothes do you have the most of?
  • How many shoes and accessories do you own?
  • What is your morning routine?

Once you have a good idea of your inventory, think about how often you use each item and how easily you need to access it. 

Everyday essentials should be front and center, while seasonal items can be tucked away in less accessible areas. Now, grab a measuring tape and note down your closet's dimensions.

Don't forget to account for any obstacles like windows, sliding doors, or light fixtures. Finally, consider your budget and how much customization you're willing to invest in.

Choosing the Right Closet Layout

Now that you have a good grasp of what you need to store, let's talk about how to arrange it.

The layout of your closet system with drawers will depend largely on the space you have to work with. If you have a small closet, for example, a reach-in system might be your best bet. This type of system typically consists of a single rod for hanging clothes and some shelves above.

(However, don't let limited space cramp your style! You can still incorporate drawers by adding them beneath the hanging rod or opting for a pull-out style that maximizes every inch.)

For larger closets, the possibilities for your closet storage systems with drawers are endless. You could create a luxurious walk-in closet with separate sections for different types of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Or, if your closet is tucked away in a corner, consider a corner unit that makes the most of the available space.

No matter what size or shape your closet is, there's a layout that will work for you. It's all about finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. So, grab a pen and paper, start sketching out some ideas, and let your creativity flow!

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Choose Your Types of Drawers (Deep vs. Shallow vs. Pull-Out)

The type of drawers you choose will play a big role in how you organize your belongings.

Deep drawers are perfect for bulky items like sweaters, jeans, and blankets.

Shallow drawers are ideal for folded t-shirts, shorts, and undergarments.

And pull-out drawers are great for shoes, accessories, or anything you want to quickly grab and go. When deciding which types of drawers to use in your closet systems with drawers, consider the space you have available and the items you need to store.

You can even mix and match different drawer types to create a customized storage solution that perfectly suits your needs.

For example, you could have a combination of deep drawers for sweaters and jeans, shallow drawers for t-shirts and shorts, and pull-out drawers for shoes and accessories. The key is to be creative and think about how you can best utilize the different drawer types to maximize organization and efficiency in your closet.

Optimize Your Drawer Configurations

Once you've decided on the types of drawers you need, it's time to think about how you'll organize them.

Drawer dividers, inserts, or closet organizer systems with drawers can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping things tidy. They create designated spaces for different items, preventing them from becoming a jumbled mess. For instance, you can use dividers to separate socks from underwear or to organize different types of accessories.

Another tip is to categorize items within drawers based on type, color, or frequency of use. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for and help you maintain a neat and organized closet.

Speaking of organization, you can adhere to the KonMari method, which involves folding clothes into small rectangles that stand upright in the drawer. This can help you figure out the organization of your closet as well as color-coordination.

Incorporating Accessories and Features

To truly elevate your closet system, consider incorporating accessories and features that enhance both functionality and style. Pull-out shoe racks are a game-changer for shoe lovers, providing easy access and keeping your footwear collection organized. These racks not only maximize space but also make it easy to see and choose your shoes without rummaging through piles.

Jewelry trays with compartments are also great for keeping your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings tangle-free and easy to find. These trays can be customized to fit the specific types of jewelry you own, ensuring each piece has its place. This way, you save time getting ready and keep your precious items in top condition.

Belt racks and tie racks are a must-have for keeping these accessories neatly displayed and readily available. With multiple hanging positions and adjustable heights, these racks can accommodate a large number of items while keeping them easily accessible.

If you have limited hanging space, a valet rod can provide a temporary spot to hang outfits or clothes that need to be aired out. Valet rods are particularly useful for planning your outfits for the week or setting aside items for dry cleaning.

For those with a larger wardrobe, incorporating accessory trays and internal laundry hampers can streamline your daily routines. Accessory trays are perfect for organizing smaller items like watches, cufflinks, and sunglasses, ensuring they are always within reach. Internal laundry hampers keep your dirty clothes out of sight, maintaining a clean and tidy closet space.

Maximizing Your Closet's Efficiency

Every inch of your closet is valuable real estate, so make the most of it!

We love to recommend vertical storage ideas to best optimize your space. You can use this to store folded sweaters, handbags, or baskets filled with smaller items.

Add hooks or hanging organizers to the back of your closet door or on empty wall space to create additional storage for bags, hats, or scarves.

And don't forget about the often-overlooked space under your hanging clothes. You can add baskets or bins to store shoes, accessories, or out-of-season clothing.

You can also incorporate multi-functional storage solutions to further enhance your closet's efficiency. For instance, consider using a rotating tie and belt rack, which not only saves space but also keeps your accessories neatly displayed and easily accessible.

Installing pull-out drawers or trays can provide additional storage for smaller items like socks, jewelry, or even undergarments, keeping them out of sight yet within easy reach.

For those with a creative touch, customizing your closet to fit your personal style can make the space more inviting! This could mean painting the interior of your closet a favorite color, adding decorative elements like wallpaper, or incorporating stylish storage bins that match your decor.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Transforming your closet into a well-organized and functional space can be a fun and rewarding project. But it’s important that right person is doing it so you can be confident everything is done properly. So — who should do this custom closet organization?

DIY installation can be a budget-friendly option if you're comfortable with basic carpentry skills and have the necessary tools. It also gives you complete control over the design and allows you to customize every aspect of your closet system. However, it can be time-consuming and may require some trial and error.

On the other hand, professional installation offers convenience and expertise. A professional closet designer can help you create a custom solution that maximizes your space and meets your specific needs. They will handle all aspects of the installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. However, this option tends to be more expensive than DIY.

Consider your budget, time constraints, skill level, and desired level of customization when deciding between DIY and professional installation.

If you're on a tight budget, enjoy hands-on projects, and have a clear vision for your closet, a DIY closet system with drawers might be the way to go. But if you prefer a hassle-free experience and want a truly custom closet solution, hiring a professional might be a better investment!

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