Unexpected Home Storage Solutions

Unexpected Home Storage Solutions

January 3, 2020

When you first move into a new home, the storage options seem extensive. You probably assume you’ll never run out of space to stow your clothes and possessions. Still, as time goes on, all those closets and pantries are liable to get filled. After a few years, you may find yourself desperate for new options for storing your belongings. Closet system masters, the team at Closet World, specializes in finding unexpected, attractive home storage options and utilizing them to their best advantage. Keep reading for ideas on cutting the clutter without having to toss your favorite possessions.

Vertical Space in the Pantry

If you’re not making use of the vertical space in your pantry, you’re missing out on a crucial storage opportunity. While your pantry shelves are probably packed with dry goods like sugar and flour, there’s a good chance that the walls above are empty. Consider putting in some additional cabinets or hanging racks to boost storage opportunities. You could also install some wire shelf inserts to increase the amount of space available on the shelves you already have.

Under the Bed

Of course, not all the items we stow are aesthetically appealing. If you want to keep some belongings hidden away, feel free to tuck them in flat rolling bins under the bed. Plastic containers are great for storing bulky winter clothes like coats and sweaters. Additionally, you can use them to store wrapping paper and gift bags, extra linens, or even those jeans that you know will fit again after you lose a few pounds. To ensure the plastic boxes stay out of view, think about adding a dust ruffle to the bed. You can improve your storage and boost your decor in one easy step.

Decorative Ottoman

Ottomans aren’t just ideal for putting your feet up. They’re also great for storing living room staples like extra blankets, throw pillows, books, and magazines. Both attractive and utilitarian, ottomans allow you to access these items easily, so you aren’t digging around in the back of the closet in your guest room.Kitchen IslandsYou probably know that your kitchen island is a convenient place to eat breakfast, bake cookies, or embark on your next craft project. However, you might not realize that islands are also great options for home storage. If you’re replacing your current island (or buying a new one), opt for a model that comes with plenty of shelf space. Along with kitchen tools and appliances, this storage option is great for kids’ homework supplies, crafting items, and even quick snacks for the little ones to grab on their own.

Create a New Closet System

At Closet World, we specialize in devising home organization systems for our clients’ diverse needs. Along with offering a huge selection of accessories and finishes, we take pride in custom designing storage solutions based on your current decor and style. You can trust us to create an attractive, functional closet system for every person in your home. To learn more about our services, call today or contact our team online.