Vertical Storage Ideas For a Tidier Closet

February 28, 2024 Kira Gavalakis

Tired of a cluttered closet?

Struggle to find space for all your belongings? These vertical storage ideas will be a lifesaver and will make you love your home again.

Using vertical space in your home is a hack to help you maximize your storage and create a tidier space in minutes. All without needing to create an addition for all your things!

#1: Utilize Over-the-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are a fantastic way to make use of vertical space in your closet– by using space that’s just sitting there!

These organizers hang over the back of a door, providing storage space without taking up any additional floor space. You can use them to store a variety of items, like shoes, accessories, and even cleaning supplies.

To maximize space with over-the-door organizers, consider using them on both sides of the door. You can also use hooks or hangers on the organizer to hang items like bags or hats, further maximizing your vertical storage space.

image of an open wooden closet for vertical storing in a show room

#2: Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are mounted directly to the wall without any visible brackets. This gives them a more sleek and modern look, and makes them easier to clean!

These are of the more minimalist vertical storage ideas, being both functional and aesthetically-pleasing.

One of the main advantages of floating shelves is that they can be installed at any height, allowing you to customize the storage space to fit your needs. You can install multiple shelves above each other to create a vertical storage solution that maximizes space.

When organizing items on floating shelves, consider using baskets or bins to group similar items together. This not only keeps the shelves looking tidy but also makes it easier to find what you need.

And to style? Using a mix of decorative items and practical storage solutions. You can use decorative boxes or baskets to store small items, while also displaying photos or artwork to personalize the space!

#3: Use Hanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closet organizers are a practical and efficient way to maximize vertical storage in your closet.

There are several types of hanging closet organizers available, including shelves, compartments, and pockets. Shelves are ideal for storing bulky items like sweaters or jeans, while compartments are great for organizing smaller items like socks or accessories.

Plus, those pockets can be used to store shoes, scarves, or belts.

If you have a small closet, you’ll want to opt for a slim organizer that won’t take up too much space. If you have a large closet, you can choose a more substantial organizer with multiple shelves or compartments.

#4. Implement Shoe Racks

One of the main benefits of shoe racks is that they help to maximize vertical space in your closet.

By storing your shoes vertically, you can make use of the height of your closet, freeing up valuable floor space for other items.

When organizing shoes on shoe racks, consider grouping them by type or season. For example, you can use one rack for sneakers, another for dress shoes, and another for boots. This not only keeps your shoes organized but also makes it easier to find the pair you’re looking for.

You’ll also want to consider the material of the shoe rack. Metal racks are durable and easy to clean, while wooden racks offer a more stylish look. Choose a shoe rack that fits your closet space and complements your decor.

#5: Utilize Tension Rods for Scarf Storage

While we’re talking about scarves, there are even more ways to organize them– through tension rods.

Tension rods are a versatile and inexpensive solution for storing scarves vertically in your closet.

You can easily install and adjust them to fit the width of your closet, making them an ideal choice for organizing scarves of different sizes and materials.

Using tension rods for scarf storage is super simple: install your rods at any height you want, and get organized! You can organize your scarves by color, style, or season to make them easier to find when you need them.

Just make sure to measure the width of your closet to purchase the right tension rod. In fact, you can use multiple tension rods to create additional storage space for your scarves!

image of a white cabinet with vertical storage solutions including boxes and shoes

#6. Install Pegboards for Accessories

Use hooks, shelves, and baskets on pegboards to store different types of accessories, such as jewelry, belts, hats, and bags.

When organizing accessories on pegboards, consider grouping similar items together to make them easier to find. For example, you can use one section of the pegboard for jewelry, another for belts, and another for hats.

#7. Utilize S-Hooks for Bags and Belts

To use S-hooks for bags, simply hang the hook on the closet rod and then hang your bag from the hook. For belts, you can loop the belt through the hook to keep it neatly organized.

When organizing bags and belts using S-hooks, group similar items together to make them easier to find. You can use one section of your closet for bags and another for belts, or you can organize them by color or style.

#8. Use Stackable Bins or Baskets

Stackable bins or baskets are a great way to maximize vertical storage in your closet.

Stack them on top of each other, and you’ve got some vertical storage that takes up minimal space.

One of the main benefits of stackable bins or baskets is that they can be used to organize a variety of items, such as shoes, accessories, and clothing. You can use clear bins or baskets to easily see what is inside, or you can use colored bins to add a pop of color to your closet.

Check the lids or top parts of the bins or baskets to make sure they’re designed to stack on top of one another. You can use wire, wooden, or vertical plastic storage drawers– as long as they fit on top of each other!

#9. Install a Pull-Out Pants Rack

A pull-out pants rack is a convenient storage solution for organizing your pants in your closet. These racks are typically mounted on a closet rod and feature multiple arms or bars for hanging pants.

One of the main benefits of a pull-out pants rack is that it allows you to easily access and organize your pants. You can also use the rack to store other items, such as scarves or belts, to maximize vertical storage space in your closet.

#10. Use Multi-Tiered Hangers for Clothing

Think your hangers, but upgraded.

These hangers feature multiple bars or levels, allowing you to hang multiple garments on a single hanger.

One of the main benefits of multi-tiered hangers is that they help maximize vertical storage space in your closet. By hanging multiple garments on a single hanger, you can free up space for additional items and keep your closet neat and organized.

To choose the right multi-tiered hangers for your needs, consider the type of clothing items you will be hanging and the available space in your closet. Choose hangers that are sturdy enough to support the weight of your garments and that fit easily in your closet space.

#11. Install a Jewelry Organizer on the Wall

A wall-mounted jewelry organizer is a stylish and functional way to store and display your jewelry.  Plus, it can help you save space from cluttered jewelry organizers sitting on a table.

image of vertical storage in a closet with drawers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create vertical storage cabinets with drawers?

Creating vertical storage cabinets with drawers involves selecting a suitable cabinet or set of drawers that fit your space and needs.

You can either purchase ready-made cabinets or drawers designed for vertical storage or repurpose existing furniture to serve this purpose. Ensure the cabinets or drawers are sturdy and can hold the weight of your items. Install them securely, and consider adding labels or dividers to keep your items organized.

How do I organize with narrow vertical storage drawers?

Organizing with drawers with vertical storage requires maximizing the space efficiently. Start by categorizing your items and assigning drawers for each category.

Use drawer organizers or dividers to separate and group similar items together. Consider using clear containers or bins for small items to easily see what is inside. Label the drawers for easy identification, and regularly declutter to keep the drawers from becoming overcrowded.

Can I use vertical storage ideas for cans?

Yes, there are plenty of can food storage ideas for your pantry or storage area. Consider installing sturdy shelves or racks that can hold the weight of the cans. Arrange the cans in a way that makes them easy to access, such as stacking them or using a can organizer. Label the shelves or racks to identify the contents and make it easier to find what you need.

Use these vertical storage ideas to inspire your next re-organization. And if you’re looking for a closet upgrade? Our expert organizers are here to help– starting with a free in-home consultation!