Tips For Kitchen Pantry Organization Made Simple

Tips For Kitchen Pantry Organization Made Simple

October 24, 2018

Pantries are great in that they allow you to clear congestion from cabinets and keep counters free for food prep. However, if you don’t make kitchen pantry organization a priority, this space is likely to become a crazy hodgepodge of chip bags and cookie packages. Here are some of Closet World’s top tips for kicking the chaos to the curb and organizing your pantry once and for all:

Clean Out the Clutter

Effective kitchen pantry organization starts with a good cleaning. Before calling the decorators or even hitting the aisles of your local Container Store, take time to sort through your pantry contents, removing anything expired, unneeded, or (ew) bug infested. The goal is to clean your pantry before beginning the organization process.  

Use the Cabinet Door

You probably use the back of your closet door for storage, so why not do the same with your pantry door? Cabinet doors are ideal for storing awkwardly shaped items and those that you plan to use frequently. For example, you could hang oven mitts or install a spice rack to store the oregano and cinnamon. Just avoid filling this space with anything bulky that might impede your ability to close the door.

Get Sporty With Shelf Bleachers

Suffering from a serious lack of space in your pantry? Shelving bleachers might be the solution. Not only do these units create extra space in your kitchen, but they also allow you to view everything you have at a glance. So you’ll know immediately if you run out of tomato soup or need to stock up on tuna.  

Put Like With Like

If you want to make your life easier, consider storing related items in the same container rather than spreading them out around the pantry. For example, bakers might want to purchase a basket or plastic container to keep supplies like flour and sugar. On the other hand, if you make chili every week, think about storing all your spices in one tray for easy access.

Go Clear

Similarly, you can make your pantry more accessible by using clean glass or plastic containers to store your dry goods. Not only do they look sleeker and more organized than cardboard boxes and tins, but they also make it easy to see where ingredients are at a glance. Want to avoid mixing up the salt and sugar? Invest in a packet of sticker labels. As a bonus, storing your dry goods in glass or plastic helps prevent bugs and rodents from making your pantry a home.

Trust Closet World With Your Kitchen Pantry Organization

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