5 Bathroom Ideas with a Closet for Clean Organization & Aesthetics

5 Bathroom Ideas with a Closet for Clean Organization & Aesthetics

May 24, 2024

When you think about your bathroom, what comes to mind? If you're like many, you might wish it were a bit tidier and more stylish.

Integrating closets into your bathroom design isn't just about hiding away your toiletries; it's about boosting both the room’s functionality and its looks. 

Nowadays, more and more people are seeing the benefits of combining smart storage solutions with cool design elements. This mix not only makes bathrooms more efficient but also more attractive. Whether you've got a tiny bathroom or a more spacious one, these bathroom ideas with closet can be tailored to fit your style and meet your needs perfectly.

1. Maximize Minimal Spaces

If you don’t have space for walk-in closets, we’ve got you covered with some small bathroom with closet idea. Adding some cleverly designed closets can turn even the tightest bathroom layout into a perfectly functional space.

It’s all about choosing the right kind of storage. You don’t want something so big that it feels like it’s swallowing up all your space. So instead, go for minimalist designs that pack a dual punch— they look good and help you store stuff.

These kinds of designs can really make a big difference, helping you enjoy your bathroom more and stressing less about where to put all your things!

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Use Vertical Storage for Double the Space

Vertical storage is your best friend when it comes to making the most out of every inch of your bathroom. By installing tall, narrow cabinets that stretch right up to the ceiling, you can seriously double your storage space without taking up any extra floor area.

Here's a smart tip to go with these bathroom with closet ideas: go for adjustable shelving inside these cabinets. This way, you can move your shelves up or down to fit everything from tiny toiletries to bulky bathroom towels.

Use Sliding Closet Doors

Now, let's talk doors—specifically, sliding closet doors for your bathroom ideas with closet.

Traditional doors that swing open need room to work, which means you lose out on usable space. Sliding doors, on the other hand, just glide along a track, saving you all that space and hassle. Plus, they’re super sleek and can make any bathroom look more modern.

If you want to make your bathroom look a little bigger, a secret little tip is to try mirrored sliding doors. Mirrored anything will reflect light and images, making any space feel way more spacious than it actually is.

Use Integrated Designs with Custom Built-Ins

Think of built-ins not just as furniture but as a part of your bathroom’s structure. These custom built-ins are fantastic for your bathroom ideas with closet because they blend right into the room's design, creating a seamless and clean look.

Plus, they're designed just for your space, which means everything fits perfectly and reflects your style.

Built-In Vanity

The beauty of a built-in vanity is that it fits your bathroom’s exact dimensions—no awkward gaps, no wasted space. It’s tailored to maximize every inch of your bathroom. You can have drawers for your cosmetics, shelves for towels, and a little nook for all your toiletries.

And let’s talk materials—opt for those that can handle a damp environment, like laminates or treated wood, that not only last long but also amp up your bathroom's style quotient.

Built-In Over-the-Toilet Shelving

On top of bathroom ideas with closet, think about where you can utilize other spaces as well, like above your toilet! Custom over-the-toilet shelving can beautifully match your other cabinetry, making the whole room look cohesive. 

Use these shelves for items you don’t reach for daily — like extra soap and toilet paper — while keeping your everyday essentials at arm’s length. It’s a smart way to use vertical space effectively and keep less-used items out of the way.

Hamper Integration

With a built-in hamper, you can keep those dirty clothes out of sight and make your bathroom look much tidier. Integrate a hamper right into your existing cabinetry to save space and enhance the room's clean appearance. 

Consider dividing it into sections for lights, darks, and delicates to make laundry day a breeze. It’s a simple touch that can make a big difference in how your bathroom feels.

Built-In Shower Bench

A shower bench doesn’t just have to be a comfy place to sit. It can double as extra storage, too! Choose materials that are waterproof and easy to clean, like tile or sealed wood, to ensure durability and prevent mold.

A shower bench can make your bathroom safer and more comfortable, especially if mobility is an issue. Plus, it’s a handy spot to keep bath products within reach or simply to rest and relax under the warm water.

Built-In Towel Storage

Having towels close by is super convenient, and with built-in towel storage, you can keep them neat and ready to use. Why not add some stylish pull-out drawers under your sink or integrate towel cubbies in your vanity?

This way, you’ll have soft, fresh towels at your fingertips without cluttering up the space. It’s a practical, yet chic way to organize your bathroom and keep those towels where you need them most.

3. Use Smart Organization Hacks

Smart storage solutions are key to maintaining a clutter-free and organized bathroom. These organization hacks are super easy to implement and can make a big difference in how your bathroom, or any space, even your home office, functions every day.

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving can be shifted up or down, so you can rearrange your storage space as your needs change. It's perfect for keeping your bathroom flexible and accommodating items of all different sizes.

And don't forget to choose materials that stand up well to moisture—like treated wood or metal with a rust-resistant finish. This way, you ensure your setup is not only adjustable but also durable.

bathroom ideas with closet

Drawer Dividers and Organizers

Let’s talk drawer dividers and custom closet organizers. These handy little tools help you keep everything in its place, from your makeup to your grooming tools. With everything neatly divided, you’ll save time during your morning routine and keep your drawers tidy.

Opt for customizable organizers that fit your drawers perfectly, so you can make the most of the space you have. When everything has a home, you’ll feel like your bathroom is more of a retreat and less of a jumble.


Baskets are not just practical; they’re stylish, too. They’re perfect for storing things like extra towels, toilet paper, and all your bath products. Choose baskets that match your bathroom’s style to keep the aesthetics on point.

Here’s a pro tip: use labels or tags on your baskets, especially if you share your bathroom. This way, everyone knows where things go, and your space stays organized. Baskets can sit on shelves, the floor, or even be tucked under a counter, making them a versatile option for any bathroom.

Hanging Storage

Hanging storage solutions like hooks, racks, or even a pegboard can be a game-changer in your bathroom. Install these on unused wall areas or the back of your bathroom door to hang things like towels, robes, or washcloths.

This type of storage makes essential items super accessible and frees up other storage areas for less frequently used items. Plus, it keeps things off the floor, making your bathroom look and feel bigger.

KonMari Folding Techniques

Folding items to stand upright can help you maximize space in drawers or baskets and make everything easy to see and grab. This method not only saves space but also helps you keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. Try applying these folding techniques in your open shelving or inside baskets, and you'll see just how much easier it is to pick out what you need without disrupting everything else.

4. Dual-Purpose Furniture

Dual-purpose furniture in the bathroom is major for bathroom layout ideas with a closet—it saves space while boosting functionality and style. These versatile pieces work double duty, each one serving more than one purpose.

If your bathroom feels a bit cramped or cluttered, think creatively about how each furniture piece can serve multiple roles. This can dramatically transform how your bathroom looks and functions, making it a more pleasant and practical space.

Vanity With Pull-Out Seating

Imagine a vanity that not only holds all your toiletries but also includes a pull-out seat for grooming. This smart solution keeps your space clutter-free and adds a touch of sophistication. The seat slides out when you need it and tucks away when you don't, perfect for small spaces.

When choosing this type of vanity, pick materials and colors that blend well with the rest of your bathroom's design to create a seamless look.

Mirror Cabinet

A mirror cabinet is a two-in-one fixture that’s both practical and stylish. It serves as a full-length mirror while hiding a storage cabinet behind it, perfect for storing all your bathroom necessities out of sight. Installing a mirror cabinet above the vanity can help keep countertops clear and your bathroom tidy.

Plus, the mirrored surface helps reflect light around the room, making your bathroom appear larger and more luxurious.

Convertible Shower Seats

A convertible shower seat is a great addition to any bathroom, especially for those who value comfort or have mobility challenges. These seats can fold up against the wall when not in use, maximizing space in small shower stalls.

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5. Upscale Touches

Upscale touches in your bathroom can turn everyday routines into luxurious experiences, adding both comfort and value to your home. From high-tech additions to luxurious materials, these enhancements make your bathroom not just a room but a retreat.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating offers consistent, energy-efficient heat that keeps your bathroom cozy, especially during colder months. When installing radiant heating, choose materials like tile or stone that conduct heat well and add to the luxury feel of your bathroom.

Towel Warmer

There’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a warm towel after a bath or shower. A towel warmer can make this a daily luxury. Available in various styles, such as wall-mounted or freestanding, towel warmers can be seamlessly integrated into your bathroom’s design, providing both warmth and a spa-like ambiance.

Steam Shower

Upgrade your shower into a steam shower for a spa experience at home. Steam showers provide therapeutic benefits like improved circulation and deep relaxation.

If you’re considering this upgrade, ensure your shower is equipped with digital controls for temperature adjustment and perhaps custom seating for maximum comfort.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting transforms your bathroom into a dynamic space adaptable to any mood or need, from a bright, energizing morning light to a soft, relaxing evening glow.

It enhances safety, conserves energy, and can be integrated with other smart home systems for flawless functionality. Adjust lighting schemes to match your routine and mood, all controlled with the touch of a button.

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