Store Pants and Skirts With These Tips

October 21, 2022 admin

Successful closet organizing takes both thought and intention. While you might have designs to create a well-organized, aesthetically pleasing space, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to tackle the job. In particular, would-be organizers often struggle when it comes to stowing bottoms like pants and skirts. Are jeans best stored on a shelf or in a drawer? Should you hang your skirts by the waist or fold them? At Closet World, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here are our expert tips on storing dress pants, skirts, and other items you wear on your body’s bottom half. 


Make Use of Shelving

Contrary to popular opinion, not every article of clothing in your wardrobe needs to be hung up in the closet. In fact, jeans and other heavy-fabric pants can be folded and stored on the shelf. For best results, arrange the jeans by hem length or color so it’s easy to find what you need. Additionally, this storage method works well for stretch pants, sweats, and leggings. Simply fold your pants in half lengthwise by laying one leg over the other. Then fold the pants into thirds and stack the pairs by type. The goal is to see everything in your closet at a glance. 


Hang By the Waist

Did you know there are different ways to hang up clothes? One of the simplest methods of storing pants and skirts is to employ a hanger with clips. Simply attach your clothing item to the hanger and slot it into the closet. This option works well for materials like velvet that tend to stretch as well as silky skirts that have a habit of sliding off hangers. Improve your odds of finding what you need in the morning by arranging skirts by length, color, or purpose. For example, you could place all the work skirts in one section and the casual and date shirts in another part of the closet. 


Drape by the Hanger

Sometimes the easiest hanging method is the right one. If you want to save time and avoid fussing, we recommend folding pants in half lengthwise. Then drape the pants over the hanger so the waist and hems are touching. Finally, spread out the legs of the pants so they don’t wrinkle or crumple. This storage style works well for dress pants, khakis, and coureroys, among others. 


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