Turn Your Unused Closet Into a Craft Room

Turn Your Unused Closet Into a Craft Room

June 2, 2023

Do you love doing craft projects in your spare time? If so, you're not alone. From quilting to painting, and sculpting to making jewelry, plenty of us use craft projects as a way of showcasing our creativity while reducing stress. Still, the supplies required for various activities can take up a great deal of space. If your crafts aren’t properly organized, it can be hard to find what you need. That’s where Closet World comes in. Leaders in organization, we specialize in installing closet shelving and bins to turn your messy craft closet into a well-ordered sanctuary. Here are some tips on maximizing this part of the home.

Eliminate Unnecessary Belongings

If you want to make your craft room the most functional, the first step is to sort through your belongings. After all, it’s hard to be creative when the space where you engage in hobbies is messy, disorganized, or generally cluttered. For best results, take inventory of everything you have and then toss items you don’t want or need. For example, if you no longer use those novelty adult coloring books, you can probably toss your crayons and colored pencils. You can also donate items you don’t want to keep to a local thrift shop, library, or children’s organization.

Utilize Labels

Labels make it easier to find items at a glance and give you the impetus to put supplies away when you’re done using them. For the ultimate in organization, we recommend picking up a label maker at your local office supply store. You can affix your labels to boxes, bins, or baskets of crafts and accessories. Less time spent organizing means more time focused on your favorite hobbies.

Store Heavier Items Lower

Plenty of craft supplies are small and easy to transport. We’re talking about buttons, thread, yarn, sequins, and beads. However, many of us stock craft supplies that are both larger and heavier. If you keep these items on high closet shelves, you’re liable to hurt your back bringing them down to the floor for use. For best results, keep weighty items like sewing machines, paint cans, and reams of cardstock at waist level so they’re easier to access.

Use the Back of the Door

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a spare walk-in closet or bedroom to keep our craft supplies. Fortunately, you can make a reach-in work for you by making use of all available space. The back of the door is great for stowing items that fit in a shoe holder. Rather than sandals and flats, use this organizer to keep paint brushes, scissors, and other tools of the trade.

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Do you have a spare closet in your home? If so, it might be time to move your craft supplies off of the kitchen table or living room floor and stow them someplace out of the way. The good news is the Closet World team has the knowledge and experience to create closet spaces that complement your current decor while meeting your organizational needs. From walk-ins to reach-ins, pantries to garage spaces, we keep your treasured belongings safe and orderly. Learn more about our closet shelving services online and then call to speak to one of our pros.