Toy Storage Tips To Put Your Playroom In Order

Toy Storage Tips To Put Your Playroom In Order

August 15, 2019

If walking into your children’s playroom feels like walking onto the battlefield, it’s important to know you aren’t alone. From stuffed animals to books, games to craft supplies, children’s toys have a way of amassing to fill spaces of any size. While you might not be able to change the fact that your child leaves half-eaten cookies on the floor, you can take steps to organize playrooms and other toy storage spots within the home. Keep reading to discover the best kids’ closet organizers for keeping bedrooms and playrooms in order.

Utilize Cubbies

Floor cubbies are great for storing toys and books that you want your kids to be able to access on their own. Not only do brightly colored cubbies add interest and fun to a boring room, but they also make it easy to keep items organized. For example, you can tell kids that the blue cubby is for their books since both words begin with the letter “B.”

Spice Things Up With Spice Shelves

Who says spice shelves are just for the kitchen? These narrow shelving units are also ideal for storing and displaying kids’ books, magazines, and coloring books. Encourage your little one to pick out a different book every night at bedtime and to put them back on the shelf the next morning.

Settle on Seating

If your child’s bedroom doubles as a playroom, you might be dealing with some space issues. One of the best ways to stay organized with limited room is to find multi-purpose items, such as storage ottomans that double as extra seating. These furniture pieces are great for stowing Lego sets, Matchbox car collections, and even Barbie clothes. As a bonus, adults can use storage ottomans for seating during play sessions.

Alternate Toys

Whether you overindulged your kids at the toy store or simply received too many dolls and blocks for Christmas last year, you might be looking for a way to pare down your playroom. If you haven’t sorted through your kids’ collection in a while, think about doing it as a family. You can make piles to save, throw away, sell at a yard sale, and donate to a nearby thrift store or charity. Additionally, you can cut back on clutter by rotating out the toys that aren’t in favor at the moment. You can store these items in plastic bins and tuck them away in the garage or attic. Then, when your kids are bored, bring out one of the containers of old toys. It’s almost certain that they’ll feel new again.

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