Top Tips to Organize a Linen Closet

Top Tips to Organize a Linen Closet

January 14, 2022

When was the last time you took a good close look at your linen closet? If you’re like most people, this part of the home can easily wind up being a repository for all your old linens as well as toiletries like extra shampoo bottles and that moisturizer that didn’t quite work. The end result is that it’s hard to find items you need in a timely fashion. The good news is there are some easy ways to organize a linen closet so it better meets your needs. From storage bins for towels to baskets for guest essentials, here are some of the top tricks for linen closet organization.

Pick Up Some Baskets

Even if you have a sizeable linen closet, you might still be struggling with organization. If your shelves are overflowing, it might be time to add some bins and baskets. You can purchase these containers for just a few dollars on Amazon. Fill them with smaller items like hand towels, washcloths, extra pillowcases, and cleaning supplies for easy access.

Use the Back of the Door

You probably know that back-of-the-door storage is great for shoes. However, you might not realize you can utilize this space for linens as well. A plastic pocket organizer works great for small linens like washcloths and hand towels, but you can also use it to stow extra rolls of toilet paper, spare bottles of shampoo and face wash, or even diapers.

Shrink Down Bulky Items

Blankets and comforters take up a lot of space in a linen closet. To reduce their footprint, think about investing in some vacuum storage bags. All you have to do is put your bulky item in the supplied plastic bag and attach the opening to your vacuum cleaner. Not only will these items occupy less space in your linen closet, but they’ll also stay clean and dust-free until the next time you use them.

Create a Basket for Guests

Having house guests can be stressful if you’re already dealing with organizational issues. Luckily, the situation becomes much more manageable if you gather up your guest supplies ahead of their arrival. We’re big fans of keeping everything your visitor will need in a plastic box or storage basket. For example, you could include rolled towels, washcloths, travel-sized soap and shampoo, a spare toothbrush, and an extra phone charging cord. Keep this specially designed care package in your guest room or stow it away in the back of the linen closet so you’ll be ready for loved ones in seconds flat.

Organize Your Closet With Help From Closet World

Whether you keep your linens in a bathroom, laundry room, or hall closet, you want to ensure these items are properly stored and organized. Luckily, Closet World has everything you need to get this part of the home into shape. We install a range of custom solutions, including shelving, cabinets, ironing boards, hampers, and clothing rods. And because we offer the largest selection of finishes and accessories, you can feel confident that your new closet will meld seamlessly with your existing decor. Ready to get organized? Call us today or request a consultation with our team online.