Tips for Organizing a Hall Closet

Tips for Organizing a Hall Closet

March 16, 2021

Walk into the average American home, and you’re likely to encounter a hall closet that’s seen better days. Catchalls for clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, and general odds and ends, these closets tend to wind up cramped and messy. Moreover, the clutter makes it hard to find the things you need, so you’re likely to spend precious minutes each morning searching for that umbrella or pair of boots. The good news is you don’t have to live with a messy hall closet any longer! Keep reading for Closet World’s tips on how to design a closet for your entryway that’s as organized as it is attractive.

Ditch the Hangers

Is your hall closet stuffed with hangers? Whether they’re made of cheap plastic or silky satin, a chaotic jumble of hangers is never going to look sleek and organized. Moreso, kids are less likely to stow their coats and sweaters if they have to take the time to hang them up. Improve both the look and cleanliness of your hall closet by swapping out hangers for hooks. Not only do mounted hooks look more attractive, but they’re also highly functional. After all, it takes just a second to hang your coat on a hook on the closet wall.

Utilize the Back of the Door

If you aren’t making use of the back of your closet door, you’re missing out on the opportunity to design a closet that meets your needs. After all, even a small and cramped hall closet can be made more functional by using this space to your advantage. Consider mounting hooks, bins, baskets, or a hanging shoe rack depending on your needs and how you plan to use the area. You can add labels to designate certain baskets for mittens, hats, or even pet supplies.

Organize Cleaning Supplies

It’s no secret that many of us use our hall closets to stow cleaning products. From vacuum cleaners to dust rags, finding the perfect place for all your supplies can be a serious challenge. Rather than utilize valuable floor space to store small items, we recommend adding baskets and pegs to your hall closet. You might even want to designate a different basket for each room in your home. For example, one container could hold supplies for the kitchen, one for the living room, etc. All you have to do is grab the right basket or bin when it’s time to clean.

Design a Closet That Meets Your Needs With Closet World

Tired of living with messes and clutter? Let Closet World help you whip your home into shape. Experts in home organization, we marry form and function to create custom closets for every room in the home. Whether you’re looking for help cleaning up your hall closet or want tips on maximizing space in your bedroom walk-in, trust our team to make your dreams into realities. For more on what we do, call today or schedule your consultation on our website. We look forward to helping you better organize your treasures.