Tips For Home Office Organization Made Simple

Tips For Home Office Organization Made Simple

July 17, 2019

Working from home offers numerous benefits, including the chance to set your own schedule and avoid the dreaded commute. However, it’s hard to stay organized while telecommuting if your home office isn’t up to the task. From office cabinets to shelving, check out these tips from Closet World for optimizing your workspace.

Maximize Office Cabinet Storage

Keeping your office cabinets in order is a key part of mastering the work-from-home game. After all, remote workers have to stay organized if they hope to succeed at telecommuting and keep all their clients happy and satisfied. For best results, keep items you use more frequently in those cabinets located at eye level. Items that are used less often can be stowed in floor-level cabinets or on high shelves. Don’t have enough desk space to stow all your supplies? Consider installing shelves above your workspace or building a hutch to get staplers, tape dispensers, and other supplies out of your way. You can’t get your tasks done if you don’t have space to spread out and work.

Work on Your Work Space

Organizing your home office is about more than simply finding spaces to stow your possessions. You also want to ensure your work area is comfortable so you can maximize productivity and efficiency. While desk chairs are notoriously expensive, this is one area in which it pays to spend a few extra dollars. Another option is to skip the desk chair entirely and install a standing desk. Doing this can benefit your overall health while reducing your risk of developing issues like carpal tunnel down the line. If you do opt to stand rather than sit, consider keeping a chair or two around for visitors or breaks. You might even need to entertain clients now and then, and having chairs can help make your office feel more inviting.

Light It Up

Proper lighting can go a long way toward keeping you on task while working at home. One of the risks associated with remote work is that you’ll be less productive. By utilizing a combination of natural, overhead, and task lighting, you can boost your odds of staying focused throughout the day. Additionally, telecommuting workers can increase their efficiency by taking steps to prevent glare. Simply moving the computer screen away from the window can be enough to give your eyes a much-needed break. The end result is that you can focus on work and get tasks done faster.

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At Closet World, we’re passionate about helping remote employees boost productivity by getting their home offices in order. From installing attractive office cabinets and shelving to selecting the most ergonomic desks, our team can help you succeed in the world of telecommuting. Plus, we offer a range of finishes and accessories to put the final touches on your office space. To learn more about our office organization systems, call today or contact our team online. We look forward to helping you optimize your space.