These Are Some of the Best Closet Organization Products

These Are Some of the Best Closet Organization Products

January 21, 2022

Tell the truth: how long does it take you to find something in your closet? If you regularly waste precious minutes each day searching for your favorite skinny jeans or that cardigan that goes with everything, it might be time to rethink your closet system. The good news is there are plenty of products on the market to help you organize your closet quickly and effectively. From plastic storage containers to velvet hangers, here are some of Closet World’s favorite items for cutting clutter.

Plastic Storage Containers

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bureau to stow your possessions. If you want to save money while cutting the clutter, plastic storage containers are a great solution. Affordable and available in multiple sizes, these are ideal for stowing out-of-season items, like bulky sweaters and coats in the summer or bathing suits and shorts in the winter. As a bonus, the clear sides make it easy to find items at a glance.

Drawer Dividers

It’s easy to toss smaller items like socks and underwear in a drawer to deal with later. Unfortunately, this tactic makes it hard to find a particular article of clothing when you’re in a hurry. Drawer organizers offer an easy, low-cost solution to this issue. Simply pick up a few drawer dividers from your local Target (or order a set on Amazon) and watch your cluttered bureau problem disappear. Depending on your needs, you may want to grab extra dividers to separate gym socks from dress scarves, bras from sports bras, and exercise pants from leggings.

Over-the-Door Shoe Storage

Do you have a bad habit of leaving your shoes strewn across the floor? If you want to get organized while improving the appearance of your closet, over-the-door storage is a must. Featuring large pockets with clear windows, this system is great for narrow footwear, such as sandals, ballet flats, and fashion sneakers. However, you can also use a back-of-the-door organizer for scarves, ties, jewelry, or even towels and linens.

Velvet Hangers

Are your clothing rods stuffed to the brim? There’s a way to buy yourself some extra space without spending a fortune. If you’re currently displaying your clothes on wooden or plastic hangers, think about swapping them out for velvet. Slim but strong, velvet hangers can hold more clothes in a smaller amount of space. Additionally, the non-slip texture means you don’t have to worry about your clothing falling to the floor, thereby creating more clutter.

Let Us Help Organize Your Closet

Unlike other companies, Closet World doesn’t offer one-size fits all solutions to organize your closets. On the contrary, we customize our systems based on clients’ design preferences and needs. After ensuring that all your clothing and accessories fit perfectly into the new system, we personalize your closet with top-of-the-line finishes and accessories. The end result is a beautiful, stylish new closet that helps keep your home organized and free of clutter. Call us today to get started or contact our closet design pros online.