The Top Closet Design Trends Of 2018

The Top Closet Design Trends Of 2018

October 15, 2018

Closets are traditionally functional places, allowing us to stow away our laundry and workout gear where visitors don’t have to see it. However, just because closets serve a clear purpose doesn’t mean they have to be boring or unattractive. A leader in closet design and installation, Closet World is pleased to present some of the top closet design trends of 2018:

Luscious Lighting

Want to present your clothes and accessories in the best possible light? Lovely lighting is fast becoming one of the top design trends of the years. In particular, chandeliers add interest to traditionally dull closets while showcasing your shiny accessories in all their glory. Additionally, consider adding some mirrors to the walls and doors. That way you can make the most of your additional lighting.


Up the elegance factor in your closet by decorating the space with silver and gold finishes. Metallics are among the hottest 2018 design trends, and it’s easy to bring these accents into your walk in. For example, you can install a mirrored top on your bureau or choose dresser knobs in brushed steel. The end result is sure to sparkle.

White Finishes

While we’re on the theme of brighter is better, consider giving your closet a facelift by painting the walls and furniture stark white. Always a popular shade in the world of home design, white lightens up dark spaces while allowing your clothes and accessories to be the star of the show. As a bonus, you might be less likely to get bored with clean white walls than that hot pink or hunter green shade you’re considering.  

Shoe Showcases

Proud of your shoe collection? Show off your high heeled sandals and cowboy boots with a custom shoe display. One of the most popular design choices of 2018, shoe shelving fits well on door backs and in corners. As a bonus, installing this type of shelving helps keep clutter off the floor, so your newly remodeled closet remains pristine.

Custom Islands

If you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet that’s on the larger side, consider installing a custom island in the middle of the room. Along with providing excess storage, these design features boast plenty of table space for you to lay out prospective outfits or engage in craft projects. You can even include bench seating so your special someone can watch you try on pieces. Modern closet islands come in an array of colors and styles, including options with marble tops or built-in benches. Be creative and find the one that works for you.

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