Sweating The Small Stuff? How To Keep Accessories In Order

Sweating The Small Stuff? How To Keep Accessories In Order

December 11, 2018

Sometimes tackling the larger projects in your custom closet is only a small fraction of the battle. It’s the little things – finding a place to put your earrings, not ending up with a pile of scarves in a deep fabric cubby – that are the real challenge. Thankfully there is no challenge closet organizing can throw at you that creativity can’t overcome. Here are four ways to keep your accessories in order so you’re not sweating (or tripping over) the small stuff:

  • Put Old Wine Racks to Use

Hanging handbags from hooks is a simple solution for purse storage that usually works, but what about your clutches? Figuring out what to do with handheld purses is a bit trickier; they often end up stuffed into a drawer or piled on a shelf. Wine racks are a perfect match for this organization challenge -- each clutch bag will tuck neatly onto the rounded shelf of a wall-mounted wine rack. Replacing merlot with a Michael Kors is quick and easy.

  • Turn Jewelry into Art

Some of your finer jewelry may be stored in a locked drawer or kept in a safe. But your everyday earrings and necklaces should be easy to grab and go. One often overlooked part of closet organizing is how to tackle storing your earring studs and costume rings. Creating an artistic display is a great solution. Hang chicken wire behind a picture frame, and you have a ready-made earring display. You can also hang a horizontal wire with small hooks where your rings and necklaces will neatly fit.

  • Pull Your Glass Vases Out of Storage

What are you really doing with all of those tall, cylindrical glass vases you bring out to display Christmas ornaments or the occasional bouquet of flowers? A tall, wide vase can be used to display rolled up belts or scarves. Just like that, you have something colorful to display on your closet shelf and your belt storage problem is solved. Wide vases can also be used to store accessories like wrist cuffs and sunglasses.

  • When in Doubt, Divide to Conquer

Drawer dividers don’t get enough credit. They’re an affordable closet organization tactic that work for any drawer or shelf. Available in a variety of sizes, drawer dividers are shallow cloth baskets that make it easy to keep your designer socks from getting lost and turn scarf sorting into a stress-free endeavor. Metal shelf dividers are another way to organize handbags on display. When you don’t have a cubby system, shelf dividers are a great option.

Keeping your closet organized is impossible if you ignore accessories. Getting your hats, scarves, shoes, and more in order will make your morning routine a lot easier and stop you from buying duplicates of items you thought you lost. If you’re still on the hunt for new ways to get accessories organized, contact Closet World today. We can help you create a custom closet design that includes a healthy dose of accessory storage.