Store Your Summer Gear in Style With These Tips

Store Your Summer Gear in Style With These Tips

August 27, 2021

Warmer temperatures mean it’s the perfect time to break out your bikini and head to the beach. However, if you want to keep your hot weather wear looking its best, learning to store it properly is crucial. Not only does stowing swimsuits and cover-ups with care help prevent damage, but it also makes it easier to find your favorite pieces at a glance. Keep reading for some of our top closet design tips for organizing your summer gear.

Fold Your Bikinis

It’s no secret that women’s swimwear comes with a hefty price tag. With that in mind, many of us seek out ways to ensure our bikinis and one-pieces stand the test of time. To protect these delicate articles of clothing, fold them carefully before storing them in drawers or cloth bags. While the best folding technique depends on the bust style, it’s best to stow more supportive designs by nesting the bra cups together. Then fold any bikini straps to sit inside the cups. As you determine your ideal closet design, be sure you can stow swimsuits so they don’t get crushed by heavier items. Doing this will ensure your expensive swimwear lasts for seasons to come.

Stack Men’s Trunks

The good news is that men’s swimwear tends to be less delicate than its female counterpart. For stretchy Spandex-style suits, fold them carefully and place them in a drawer. For swim shorts or trunks, you can feel free to stack them and place them in a drawer or on a shelf. You can even hang up swim trunks if you have extra room in your closet or want to save shelf space for shoes and other items. Just be sure to dry swimsuits thoroughly before putting them away.

Use a Basket for Beach Towels

If you’re planning a beach day, then the odds are you’ll need plenty of towels. Larger than traditional bath towels, beach towels tend to occupy a lot of room in your linen cabinet. Save space and display these brightly colored towels to their best advantage by rolling them up and then storing them in a basket vertically. You can place this container in your closet or keep it in the bathroom or entryway during the summer months.

Hang Your Cover-ups

No swimwear look would be complete without a stylish cover-up. For best results, treat these items just like you would other pieces of apparel. For example, you should hang up oversized shirts, caftans, and sundresses. You can feel free to fold flowy pants, shorts, and other items worn on the bottom.

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