Store School Supplies in Style

Store School Supplies in Style

September 26, 2019

Homework isn’t just a task for students. More often than not, parents, older siblings, and even grandparents wind up getting in on the action. While you can’t control the amount of homework your little one comes home with, you can limit the time you spend searching for necessary supplies. By getting your school supply closet organized now, you can save valuable hours down the line. Here are some of Closet World’s top tips for creating an organized closet system that’s perfect for stowing homework supplies:

Toss Old or Broken Supplies

You might be tempted to keep all of last year’s supplies in your school closet system. After all, the odds are good that you’ll need them again! However, not all products hold up well from one year to the next. For best results, toss broken or unusable items (like dried-up markers, empty glue containers, or pencils without erasers). Getting rid of this clutter at the start of the year will help you stay more organized in the months to come.

Store Small Items in Glass Jars

Homework assignments for younger students tend to involve a lot of arts and crafts. It’s not uncommon for kids to use paper clips, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, pom poms, and pipe cleaners, among other supplies. If your kids’ closet is exploding with craft items, consider organizing these products in some old mason jars. Not only do glass jars make it easy to find what you need at a glance, but they also add some decorative flair to a largely functional space.

Pick Up Some Clear Bins

Stackable bins are another great option for organizing a cluttered closet. Choose clear plastic bins to stow different kinds of paper, including construction paper, lined notebook pages, and plain white printer paper. Additionally, bins are great for storing assignments and art projects from previous grades. In a few years, you might be glad you saved all those drawings and finger paintings.

Use a Kitchen Cart

Of course, your children don’t sit in the closet to do their homework. Whether they sit at the dining room table or a desk in their bedroom, you need a way of transporting school supplies to the place where homework gets done. Kitchen carts are an ideal way to stow items by class, type, or child. And because this organizational product is on wheels, the kids can easily move it from room to room and put it back in the closet when they’re done with their assignments.

Give Your Kids’ Closet System an Upgrade

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