Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Closet

Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Closet

December 18, 2019

Closets have a tendency to get messy. As we accumulate new clothes and let the laundry pile up, even the most organized closet can descend into chaos. While a quick cleaning session is often enough to whip your closet back into shape, sometimes you need to resort to more drastic measures. Below are some of the top signs you’ve outgrown your current storage space and need to consider a brand-new closet design to get your home in order:

You Can’t Find the Items You Need

How long does it take you to get dressed each day? If you spend more time searching for your favorite pair of shoes than you do enjoying your morning coffee, it might be time to give your closet an overhaul. While everyone loses track of important items now and then, repeatedly misplacing clothing and jewelry suggests that your storage space isn’t properly organized. Remodeling your closet could mean you spend less time hunting for possessions and more time living your best life.

You’re Always Shopping for New Clothes

Most of us enjoy the occasional mall trip, and with good reason. You can shop for the latest fashions while smelling that sweet Cinnabon scent! Still, people who find themselves hitting the stores regularly may be in need of some closet reorganization. Ask yourself if you’re shopping for pieces you need and want or ones to replace what you already own. If you’re buying new jeans because you can’t find your favorite pair, your closet is likely in need of some life support.

You Have Clothing Piles on the Floor

We’re all guilty of leaving the occasional jacket or pair of sneakers on the floor rather than returning it to its proper slot. However, if your closet floor is covered in piles of clothing, it might be a sign that you’ve outgrown your current storage spot. Are you leaving your laundry out because you’re lazy or are you struggling to find spots to stow your belongings? If the latter is true, consider a closet remodel to cut down on clutter and get your home into shape.

You Want to Try Minimalism

Entering your bedroom at the end of a long day should feel like taking off a heavy load. If on the other hand arriving home fills you with stress, it might be time to reconsider your closet design scheme. Minimalist decor is known to reduce stress and clear the mind, allowing you to relax and recharge during your off-hours. Ask yourself whether a redesigned closet would enable you to breathe easier.

Contact a Closet Design Expert

When you first move to a new home, the closets probably seem big and spacious. However, as time goes on, these storage areas can become packed with clothes, accessories, and other belongings. If your closet is in need of a serious remodel, consider contacting the team at Closet World. Our closet design pros have the tools and vision to transform your cluttered, messy closet into a tranquil oasis. Call today to schedule your free consultation or contact our team online.