Reorganizing Your Closet for Summer (Colors and Clothes)

Reorganizing Your Closet for Summer (Colors and Clothes)

July 23, 2018

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors in style. Slip into a swimsuit, strap on your favorite sandals, and head to the beach or park to luxuriate in the sunshine. Unfortunately, enjoying the warm weather can be tough if your closet is a mess. Read on to discover tips for creating a custom closet that organizes both your wardrobe and your life.

Donate Old or Unloved Pieces

Many of us struggle to feel organized when our homes are less than orderly. To get ready for the summer season, take time to clean out your closet, ditching anything that doesn’t fit or no longer brings you pleasure. Donate items that are in good shape and toss anything with stains or holes that can’t be repaired. If you didn’t wear an item last summer, you probably won’t break it out this year, either. Not sure if you’re ready to toss a piece? Hang it in the front of your closet so you won’t forget about it. If you haven’t donned in it by summer’s end, give it away or toss it.

Store Winter Clothes

Unless your bedroom boasts a giant custom closet with space for your entire wardrobe, you’ll probably want to store winter items elsewhere during the summer months. Pack up wools, velvets, and other fabrics you’re unlikely to wear when the mercury rises. Not only does this let you create some space in your closet for summer clothes, but it’s also an opportunity to identify which items should be dry cleaned for next year. If you have under-the-bed storage, consider picking up a few plastic tubs for your heavy jeans, cords, and sweaters – the odds are, you won’t miss them for the next few months.

Bring Out Your Beachwear

If your plans for summer involve hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, take the time to break out your beach essentials. Use wall hooks to display bikinis, sun hats, cover-ups and more. The sight of these pieces will put you in a good mood while reminding you to hit the beach. Have a stash of beach towels that needs stowing? Tuck them away in cloth boxes and baskets. You can stay organized while adding interest to your closet.

Celebrate the Season

The winter blues can make you want to hole up inside and wear nothing but black and navy. However, summer is the perfect time to lighten up your attitude and your wardrobe. Celebrate the season by displaying all your pretty pastels and bright colors in plain sight. For example, you could install a tiered system to showcase summery skirts and shorts or use knobs to display all your showiest beach hats and bags.

Create Your Custom Closet Today

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