Protect Your Wardrobe With These Clothing Protection Tips

Protect Your Wardrobe With These Clothing Protection Tips

July 5, 2021

How often do you have to replace your clothes? Believe it or not, the average article of clothing lasts around 2.5 years before wearing out. However, with proper care, your wardrobe can hold up considerably longer. While you probably know that washing clothes according to the care instructions is key to ensuring their longevity, you might not realize that the way you stow your wardrobe also has a significant effect. Here are some of Closet World’s tips for creating a closet design system that protects your favorite articles of clothing for the long haul.

Sort Your Laundry

It’s not enough to wash your clothes according to the care instructions. If you truly want to maintain the quality and brightness of your attire, proper sorting is of the utmost importance. To avoid shrinking, fading, and other damage, be sure to sort clothes by type and color. For example, you should avoid washing heavy jeans and zipper sweatshirts with more delicate items, like lingerie. For best results, keep bras and underwear in a separate laundry hamper and wash them in a mesh bag.

Don’t Hang Every Piece of Attire

It’s equally important to stow clean clothes properly when they come out of the laundry. While you might be tempted to hang up all larger articles of clothing, the truth is that certain pieces and fabrics are better off folded on a shelf than stretched out over a hanger. This is particularly true for knitted items, like sweaters, lace tops, and polo shirts. To keep these clothes looking like new, be sure to fold them neatly and keep them in a bureau or on a shelving system. You can safely hang up woven fabrics such as jeans, pants, blouses, and button-downs.

Take Care With Off-Season Storage

Many people opt to store clothes that are out of season. After all, it can be hard to fit a four-season wardrobe into one small bedroom closet. While there’s nothing wrong with finding other places in the home for your heavy coats and bulky sweaters, you should pay close attention to the way you’re storing clothing between seasons. For example, it’s important to avoid putting clothes away dirty, as this can lead to odor and long-term damage. Protect your attire by washing everything beforehand. Additionally, you should avoid keeping clothes in areas of the house that are prone to moisture. Choose cool, dry places like spare bedrooms and bins under the bed rather than damp attics and basements. It’s also important not to store clothing in direct sunlight, as this can lead to fading.

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