Pantry Organization Top Tips To Prep For Summer Break

Pantry Organization Top Tips To Prep For Summer Break

May 31, 2019

Summer means barbecues, long days at the beach, and evening strolls around the neighborhood. It also means the kids are home from school all day and searching for snacks and activities to occupy their time. While it’s great if your kids can find their own healthy eats and treats, you probably don’t want them scavenging through your organized pantry to do it. Check out Closet World’s pantry organization tips for getting your space clean and kid-friendly prior to the start of summer break.

Buy in Bulk

Buying bulk snack containers (and the snacks to fill them) is a great way to keep your kids happy and well-fed all summer long without sacrificing the organization of your pantry. Start by purchasing some air-tight containers big enough to hold your family’s favorite treats. These might include nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, veggie chips, and applesauce pouches. For best results, opt for clear containers that let your loved ones survey the selection at a glance and arrange them on a shelf at kids’ eye level. That way, they won’t have to dig through the contents of your pantry to find their desired treat.

Streamline Storage

If you want your pantry to look neat and organized, streamlining your storage supplies is a great place to start. Along with choosing matching see-through snack containers, pick up a set of baskets or tubs to stow dry goods like pasta, rice, flour, and sugar. Simply stowing goods in matching containers will make your pantry look more attractive and cohesive. Prefer baskets over clear plastic? Add some labels to prevent family members from digging through the contents of your kitchen.

Install Shelving

Just because your pantry has a few simple shelves lining the walls doesn’t mean you’re using the space to its best advantage. If you want to keep this part of the home neat and kid-friendly, consider installing custom shelving suited to the supplies you store on a regular basis. For example, you might want to add a spice rack or install a storage can rack.

Unload the Trash

When was the last time you gave your pantry the Marie Kondo treatment? If you haven’t sorted through the contents of this storage space in a while, then the odds are good you’re storing expired and duplicate copies of the same product. From spices to baking supplies, take time to inventory your pantry before summer and dump anything that’s old or unneeded. These products just collect dust and take up valuable space you could devote to staying organized.

Master the Art of Pantry Organization Before Summer Vacation

At Closet World, we custom design our home storage solutions with our clients’ unique needs in mind. Whether you live alone or with kids or pets, keeping a tidy house can be challenging. From designing personalized storage spaces to providing options for accessories and finishes, Closet World is your one-stop shop for functional organization that’s also aesthetically pleasing. To learn more about how we can help you get your home in shape for summer, call today or contact our team online.