Organize Your Arts and Crafts Closet With These Tips

Organize Your Arts and Crafts Closet With These Tips

February 11, 2022

Self-care is essential these days, so it’s no surprise that many of us are delving back into arts and crafts as a way of reducing stress. Still, if you don’t have a way to organize your supplies, this hobby might well end up causing more aggravation than it alleviates. At Closet World, we’re devoted to helping people organize their homes while indulging their various interests and passions. From selecting the ideal space for an arts and crafts closet to choosing the best closet shelving and storage containers, here are our top tips to help you maximize your creative energies for 2022.

Find a Quiet Space for Supplies

Not everyone has space in their house for an arts and crafts room. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of becoming a painter or making your own jewelry. By creating a storage area for your supplies, you can stop worrying about them taking over the living room or kitchen table. Simply stow your paint tubes or decorative beads in the designated area and take them out when you’re ready to work.

Pick Up Some Decorative Containers

The good news is you don’t have to wait until your arts and crafts space is finished to start being creative. On the contrary, you can show your imaginative side while getting organized to participate in all those hobbies. We love using decorative boxes, baskets, and jars to stow components of your arts and crafts closet. For example, you could pick up a few glass jars at your local craft supply store and fill them with items like beads, ribbons, or even paintbrushes.

Try Pull-Out Organizers

Just because you don’t have a ton of space doesn’t mean you have to let your arts and crafts area get cluttered. The right closet shelving system can make all the difference. For those dealing with limited storage room, it’s hard to beat pull-out closet shelving that slides back into the cabinet or drawer when not in use. This is particularly handy for keeping kids’ craft items out of view of company. Similarly, a slide-out spice rack does double duty as a place to keep tubes of paint. You can even install a pull-out trash can to hold all the bits and pieces that don’t go into the final product.

Find the Right Closet Shelving Solutions for You

The best closet spaces marry form and function regardless of their size. To that end, you don’t need an excess of space to organize the various parts of your home. You can trust our team to maximize your available storage room while doing whatever we can to support your lifestyle and hobbies. Ready to create a walk-in or reach-in closet that meets your needs and those of your family? Browse our closet design catalog and then contact us to schedule an appointment with our experts. We look forward to helping you get organized!