Organize Shoes of All Sizes With These Closet Storage Tips

Organize Shoes of All Sizes With These Closet Storage Tips

April 21, 2021

Collecting footwear is a hobby that many of us enjoy. From clogs to cowboy boots, flip flops to high heels, there’s a shoe for every occasion. While finding the perfect pair is undeniably fun, it’s easy for a large shoe collection to grow to the point where it no longer fits your closet. The end result is a cluttered space that’s a serious eyesore. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your love of footwear just to stay organized. With the right closet shelving system, you can reign in even the largest shoe collection. Keep reading for some of Closet World’s best suggestions for organizing your footwear.

Create Different Categories

The first step toward effective shoe organization is to separate shoes into different groups. We recommend dividing footwear into pairs you wear all the time and pairs you wear only once in a while. For example, sneakers, boots, ballet flats, and flip flops likely go into the first grouping, while galoshes and high heels may be better placed in the second. Keep the shoes you wear most frequently in a spot that’s easy to access. On the other hand, your stilettos can be stored on a high shelf or even in a guest room closet.

Make Sure Shoes Are Visible

When it comes to stowing shoes, it’s important to find storage options that let you locate what you’re looking for easily. To that end, we recommend clear plastic storage containers and bins rather than traditional shoe boxes. Opt for individual containers so that you don’t have to go digging for the pair you need. You can also choose a back-of-the-door shoe rack for more narrow footwear, like sandals and flats.

Show Off Your Favorite Pieces

If your shoe collection is your pride and joy, then it hardly makes sense to keep your favorite pairs hidden away in cardboard. Instead, display those designer heels and boots to their best advantage. Shoe shelves are great for showing off your most loved footwear. If you have more room in your closet, you might even consider a shelving unit.

Make Use of the Space Under the Bed

Of course, not every pair of shoes in your collection is suitable for display. We’re looking at you, ugly snow boots. If your closet is full, consider stowing some of your less attractive footwear in a plastic bin under the bed. You can drag it out when the weather gets chilly.

Design a Closet Shelving System to Meet Your Needs

At Closet World, we’re passionate about designing closet shelving systems that marry form and function. Both stylish and flexible, every custom bedroom closet we create is as unique as the person it’s made for. From wood stains to finishes, we have hundreds of accessories to meet your needs. Call today to speak to one of our designers one on one or contact the team online. Working together, we’ll create the perfect home for your shoes, accessories, and everything else!