Murphy Bed Questions: Answered

Murphy Bed Questions: Answered

January 15, 2019

Wall beds turn your office into a welcoming guest room in just seconds. If you’re tired of fighting with a sofa bed or you don’t think a futon will cut it, a wall bed (often called a Murphy bed) is the right answer. Wall bed furniture folds down from behind a cabinet or bookcase and then folds up just as easily when you’re done. In other words: you get your floor space back when the bed is not in use. Here are some common questions and answers about wall beds:

Are Wall Beds Easy to Lower and Lift?

Yes, wall beds are spring-loaded and easy to release to bring down. You don’t need a lot of upper body strength to manage your new covert mattress and frame. The weight of the mattress and frame will be balanced to ensure that people don’t need to be bodybuilders to raise the beds back up. Once you practice a few times, moving your wall bed up and down will be old hat.

Will I Lose Wall Space with Wall Bed Furniture?

One of the fears some people have about installing a Murphy bed is that while you’ll gain floor space, you’ll be giving up a lot of valuable wall space. Modern wall beds are designed to mitigate the amount of wall space lost. Some models are hidden behind sliding, functional bookcases while others tuck neatly behind cabinet doors. You can even incorporate a wall bed into a big custom desk and cabinet setup.

Can I Leave the Bedding on a Murphy Bed?

It’s up to you. You can remove the comforter and pillows each time you put the bed back into the up position, or keep the bedding set on. You should be able to lift wall bed furniture without a problem either way; the depth of the cabinet will be able to accommodate most pillows and bed sets. You can also use a Velcro strap system designed just for wall beds to make sure the bedding stays in place.

Do I Need to Buy a Special Mattress for My Wall Bed?

No, you don’t need a special mattress to use a wall bed. Murphy beds come in standard sizes, from twin to king, and you can use the mattress of your choice. That means wall beds are also as comfortable as you make them – which is a nice change of pace from sleeping on uncomfortable pull-out couch mattresses or blow-up beds.

Wall beds are great for guest rooms, offices, and other mixed-used rooms where visitors occasionally need to crash. If you’re tired of blowing up a mattress (and not sure where to put it during the day) when your mother visits – consider getting a custom wall bed installed. Wall bed furniture can match any décor. Whether you have white cabinets in your office or want to hide your bed behind oak cabinet doors, Closet World can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about how to get a wall bed installed.