Minimalist Decor, Maximum Storage

Minimalist Decor, Maximum Storage

November 17, 2023

Most of us would like to reduce the amount of clutter in our homes. Unfortunately, the most common way of cleaning up rooms is by moving belongings into closets. The result is our storage areas become repositories for clothes, accessories, shoes, pet supplies, and general junk.

At Closet World, we’re passionate about showing customers the positive effect that minimalism can have on their daily routines. From remodeling reach-ins to installing closet shelving and more, we work hard to get your home in order. Keep reading to learn more about minimalist closet design and how it can help maximize storage in your space.

Cut the Clutter

If you want to embrace minimalist decor, reducing clutter is the first step. Start by taking everything out of your closet and laying it on the bed or the floor. Then create piles with items to keep, toss, donate, or sell. We suggest getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or serve a purpose in your life. In fact, if you haven’t used an article of clothing in the last year, the odds are good you won’t in the next one. Once you’ve identified pieces to discard, you’ll have a better sense of your storage needs moving forward.

Categorize Your Belongings

To create a minimalism-friendly closet, we suggest organizing items by type. For example, designate sections to stow shirts, dresses, jackets, skirts, and pants. You can then opt to place items by height, color, or season. We love the idea of organizing pieces by color so it’s easy to view all your white tops at a glance.

Utilize Small Storage Drawers

It’s hard to keep your closet organized and efficient if you don’t have a designated spot to store small items. While it’s natural to toss socks and undergarments in a drawer, this often results in a jumbled mess. Keep it simple by investing in some shelf dividers, baskets, or bins. Then sort pieces by use, creating specific areas for athletic socks, dress socks, and tights, for example.

Create a Neutral Palette

If you want to create the perfect minimalist closet space, a neutral color palette is a great way to go. Neutral hues like white and gray contribute to feelings of calmness and harmony. So you’ll feel relaxed and at ease whenever you step into your closet. Additionally, embracing minimalist closet decor increases the odds that you’ll put items back in their place. That means your space stays orderly for longer.

Invest in Closet Shelving and More

Leaders in closet storage and decor, the team at Closet World goes above and beyond to help clients achieve their home design goals. Our knowledgeable designers use a combination of talent and experience to create premium reach-in and walk-in closets tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer a wide range of accessories and finishes. So you can create a functional, aesthetically pleasing closet space for any room of the home. Contact us online today or call to speak to someone on our team.