Make Your Closet Shelving Work for You

Make Your Closet Shelving Work for You

August 12, 2021

Just because your home is the picture of organization doesn’t mean that your closet follows suit. In fact, even the most methodical of people sometimes find that their closets are catch-alls for items that don’t have a designated spot elsewhere in the house. The good news is that it’s possible to design a closet system that meets your needs and keeps all that clutter in check.

Here are some tips for creating a closet shelving system that works well for you and your family.

Decide What to Hang and What to Store

The first step in creating a shelving system is deciding what items should be folded and which should be hung on clothing rods. In general, it’s best to hang up your dresses, suits, jackets, silk shirts and dressy pants. Additionally, many people choose to hang up their t-shirts and tank tops for easy viewing. On the other hand, delicate knits like sweaters should be folded so they don’t lose their shape. You can either hang or fold your jeans depending on your preference and the amount of shelf space you have available.

Switch Up Your Shelf Height

One of the best ways to revamp your closet system is to vary the height of your shelves. The fact is that shelves that are spaced too far apart tend to result in messy stacks of apparel. As a result, you might struggle to find the exact article of clothing you need. For a tidier and more efficient closet, aim to space shelves between 14 and 16 inches apart. Try to keep clothing stacks to 12 inches so you have plenty of hand space to grab what you need.

Color Coordinate Clothes

An unattractive closet isn’t just an eyesore. It can also affect your mood, putting you in a bad place from the moment you wake up. If you want to give your closet a makeover and add some pep to your step, think about color coordinating this part of the home. For example, you could rearrange your clothes like a rainbow, putting all the reds together followed by the oranges, yellows, etc. The end result is both organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Use Shelf Dividers or Baskets

If you’ve just implemented a new shelving system, then you might be worried that your closet will soon be overwhelmed by soaring piles of clothing. Avoid this eventuality by adding shelf dividers of baskets. This way, you don’t have to worry about clothing stacks collapsing into each other. Additionally, pretty baskets are great for stowing scarves, belts, and other accessories that are on the small side.

Trust Us to Design Your Custom Closet System

When you work with Closet World’s trusted design team, you can rest assured knowing we’ll support you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of colors, finishes, features, and accessories, so there’s an option for every taste and budget. Additionally, our installers specialize in installing closet systems quickly and efficiently. For more on what we do, call today or check out our catalog to see what’s available.