Make Laundry Less of a Chore With a Remodeled Laundry Room

Make Laundry Less of a Chore With a Remodeled Laundry Room

April 7, 2021

The odds are good that laundry isn’t your favorite task. Whether everyone in the house does their own laundry or one person takes on the job for the family, washing and drying clothes can be a serious pain. Fortunately, having an organized, well-structured laundry closet makes this chore a little less time-consuming and inconvenient. Keep reading for some of Closet World’s top tips on sailing through laundry day without the hassle. The end result will be more time to enjoy the activities you love!

Add Some Storage

The best laundry rooms have a lot more than a washer and dryer. If you truly want to revamp the laundering process and get organized, storage space is essential. We recommend installing a few cabinets or shelves to store the products you need to keep clothes looking and feeling new. Along with detergent and dryer sheets, you can keep items like fabric softener, stain remover, brushes, and bleach close at hand. Additionally, cabinets are great for storing linens that don’t fit in other parts of the home. Consider keeping extra towels, sheets, and even tablecloths in your laundry room cabinets to free up storage space elsewhere.

Build a Workspace

If you’ve ever done laundry -- and most of us have -- then you know you need an area where you can remove stains and fold clothes and towels. For this reason, we recommend improving your laundry closet or laundry room by adding a workspace. If you don’t have room for a table or built-in countertop, consider a workspace that folds into the wall when you’re no longer using it. Tables and counters are also great for stowing clean clothes before you bring them upstairs or to the other rooms of your house. That way, you don’t have to put them on the floor or on top of the dusty washer and dryer.

Save Space With Pull-out Hampers

Hampers can take up a lot of room in your closets and bathrooms. If you want to gain back some of that space, think about keeping your dirty laundry where it belongs: the laundry room. For best results, use multiple hampers so kids can easily sort their clothes into colors, whites, delicates, towels, and whatever other categories you choose. You can even label the hampers so there’s no question about what goes where. With any luck, having your laundry presorted will make the entire process faster and more efficient.

Create a Better Laundry Closet

The best laundry closet is one that meets your family’s needs so you can get your clothes clean faster and with less stress. That’s where Closet World comes in. Leaders in home organization, we specialize in creating storage spaces that are as functional as they are attractive. To that end, we offer dozens of customization options, including more than 40 solid color and wood grain finishes and hundreds of features and accessories. Browse our catalog and then call today to set up an appointment with our design team.