9 Laundry Room Closet Ideas

9 Laundry Room Closet Ideas

April 5, 2024

The secret to a flawless laundry room… doesn’t lie in its size. In fact, the laundry room woes you’re dealing with might not always be solved by making your room bigger, but by being more creative and organized with your laundry room closet ideas.

The Benefits of Having a Small Laundry Room Closet (Instead of a Full Room)

Sometimes, limitations encourage organization. And with a compact laundry closet, there’s likely less room from clutter and the urge to fill your space, and more opportunities to keep track of your items.

Plus, think about the expenses: a small laundry room means less space to heat, cool, and light up, translating to potential energy savings over time. And building a full-sized laundry room could put a dent in your budget. So, let’s get crafty with a functional and stylish laundry space creatively with some laundry room closet ideas.

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9 Laundry Room Closet Ideas

1. Compact Washer & Dryer

Laundry appliances come in all shapes and sizes, and for small spaces — so why not consider compact washer/dryers, or even all-in-ones (if you don’t have one already)? Washer/dryers can be designed as ultra-slim models and designed specifically for small laundry spaces. And if you’d prefer two separate units, front-loading units typically have a smaller footprint than their top-loading counterpart.

2. Pull-Out Baskets

When thinking about laundry room closet organization ideas specifically for storage, prioritize pull-out baskets to leverage vertical space. Specifically, because you’re probably lacking floor space (and wouldn’t want to clutter up your space even if you did).

This includes pull-out baskets, shelves, wire baskets, and even over-the-door hangers if you can fit them — all things you can get at your local Home Goods or on Amazon if you want to DIY it. After organizing these, you can sort and separate laundry-specific items by type or color, making it easier to grab things when you need them (without having to make your space bigger!).

Wire baskets and the like allow more airflow and prevent musty odors and mildew if you happen to have a slightly damp piece of laundry sneak into the mix.

3. Retractable Drying Rack

Install a retractable drying rack in your laundry closet to air-try clothes without gobbling up permanent floor space as another one of your small laundry room closet ideas. Fold it out when you’re using it, and fold it away when you’re done. Look specifically for ones made from sturdy materials like stainless steel or aluminum to ensure they withstand the test of time, supporting your laundry needs for years to come.

4. Fold-Down Ironing Board

Iron out wrinkles without taking up valuable space with a fold-down ironing board to add to your laundry closet that totally disappears when you don’t need it anymore.

You can mount this directly onto the wall or on the back of the door to maximize space efficiency and keep your laundry area clutter-free. *Make sure to get one with a sturdy locking mechanism to prevent accidental collapse during use, ensuring safety and stability as you tackle your ironing pile.

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5. Rolling Laundry Baskets

Rolling laundry baskets are designed for mobility, allowing you to effortlessly transport clothes to and from the laundry closet without feeling like your laundry is stuck in one place.

Opt for slim-profile rolling baskets that can be tucked away in narrow spaces when you’re not using them, helping you maximize floor space and keep your laundry closet super tidy.

You can use a few of them to sort your laundry by color, fabric type, or washing instructions, choosing baskets with detachable bags or compartments for additional storage versatility.

6. Under-Shelf Baskets

Under-shelf baskets can add to your storage capacity in addition to your vertical storage, especially for storing smaller items like detergent pods, dryer sheets, and stain removers.

Installing these can be as easy as putting in some adjustable brackets or hooks that require no tools. Select under-shelf baskets in different sizes to accommodate various items and optimize storage efficiency within your laundry closet.

7. Curtain or Sliding Door

One of our favorite laundry room closet ideas is to upgrade your laundry closet with a space-saving alternative to traditional swing doors. Install a curtain or laundry room sliding door to conserve space in your laundry area and visually declutter the space from the rest of your home.

Both swing doors and curtains take up little space compared to traditional swinging doors, and you can style them to complement the color scheme of the rest of the home.

8. Wall-Mounted Hamper

We talked about rolling hampers, but here’s another option for you if you want to conserve even more floor space. Mount the hamper at a convenient height within the closet for easy access so you can easily deposit dirty laundry without bending over or straining your back.

9. Laundry Room in Master Bedroom

This might not be much of an idea if you’re already happy with where your laundry closet is, but if you are willing to make it a home project, make laundry the most convenient it’s ever been — by sticking it right in your master bedroom.

Imagine not having to walk up and down the stairs with the laundry basket, and being able to keep all your clothes in the same room. You can get creative with your small closet laundry room ideas here, by matching your space with the rest of your bedroom.

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More Laundry Room in a Closet Ideas & Tips

Let’s add a touch of style to your laundry room closet ideas with these little tips and tricks to elevate your space.

Wall-Mounted and/or Under-Cabinet Lighting

You might not realize that the thing that’s keeping you away from doing laundry is a lack of lighting. Installing wall-mounted or under-cabinet lighting to brighten up your space can make it feel more welcoming and inviting, making it easier to address laundry-related tasks like sorting, folding, and ironing.

Design With a Light Color Scheme

When you’re working with a small space like a closet laundry room, making it feel bright and airy is the name of the game to making it feel approachable. Choose a light color scheme to paint the walls, like shades of white, cream, or pastel to make the space feel more spacious and inviting.

Use glossy or semi-gloss paint finishes to reflect light and visually expand the space, making the laundry closet feel larger and more open.

A Few Statement Decorative Elements

We often forget about adding decor to small spaces like laundry closets, especially since we might not consider them as rooms. But the more intention we put towards them, the more inviting and warm they’ll feel to us.

Throw in items that add personality to the space, giving it as much care as a full-sized room would.

A Mirror

A big tip to making a space feel larger is by adding in a mirror! Mirrors create the illusion of space, visually expanding the room and making it feel larger and more open, especially in smaller or more compact closets. Choose a mirror with a nice frame or design that adds a decorative touch and complements the overall style of your laundry room closet, adding a finishing touch to the space.

ClosetWorld: Your Guide to a Perfect Laundry Room Closet

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