How To Organize A Kid-Friendly Pantry

How To Organize A Kid-Friendly Pantry

March 13, 2019

Pantry organization is hard enough if you’re Type A and living alone. Add some small hands to the mix, and it becomes a never-ending task. If you leave the candy too low, you can rest assured that someone will be on a sugar rush and no one is sleeping tonight. Put cereal in the wrong place, and it could end up all over the kitchen floor. But all hope is not lost. Here are some tips for how to organize a pantry so that kids are welcome:

Keep Sweets and Breakables Up High

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth reiterating. Kids can crawl higher than you might think. If you only put the treats just out of reach, your kids will find a way to get them. Put the stuff you don’t want your toddler to access high enough so they can’t even get it if they’re standing on a chair. Likewise, if you have glass jars of pasta sauce that could quickly break, put them high and at the back of shelves. Make sure everything within reach is safe for kids so it becomes more friendly for all ages.

Portion Snacks in Advance

Good pantry organization makes the space more useful – not just visually appealing. Sure, you feel good about lining the spaghetti boxes up neatly, but are they taking up prime space where grab and go snacks should be? One way to maximize the utility of your pantry for the entire family is by portioning out snacks in advance. Create snack packs with pretzels, gummies, and fruit and put them in a basket that’s within easy reach for kids. When children can grab a curated snack quickly, they may not go hunting through the rest of the pantry.

Label Everything for Learning

Young kids can learn a lot from the pantry. Use your pantry organization as an opportunity to teach kids how to read the names of various food and ingredients. You may even want to label food categories (such as “Breakfast Food” and “Healthy Snacks”) so they can expand their vocabulary. Don’t forget to leave a list of food allergies posted in the pantry for babysitters or older siblings who feed younger kids.

Turn to Professional Pantry Organization

If you’re really stuck, call in a pro. Closet and pantry professionals are used to handling tricky situations. In just a few hours, an experienced organizer can create a space where your kids will be able to access the food they need without leaving a mess. Even better, they’ll make sure that you always see what you have in stock so you can stop buying extras by mistake.

Are you ready to turn your pantry into a kid-friendly space? Call Closet World today. We’ll turn your pantry into a place for the whole family. Allowing kids to help in the kitchen teaches them responsibility and accountability, and we’re here to you make the area as useful and safe as possible for young people.