How To Create A Welcoming Guest Room Closet

How To Create A Welcoming Guest Room Closet

December 24, 2018

Whether your in-laws are coming for the weekend, or your college friends are visiting for a few days, making guests feel comfortable will earn you brownie points. Plus, it’s just the nice thing to do. You’ll plump the pillows and wash the sheets – but have you thought about the guest room closet? Most visitors will appreciate being able to unpack their stuff and make their room a home away from home during their stay. Here is how to make the most of your guest room closet system:

Leave Enough Hanging Space

Most of us use our guest room closets for our own things, especially if the room doubles as an office when no one is visiting. You don’t have to empty out your entire closet for your guests, but a good rule of thumb is to leave enough empty hangers for guests to hang at least 5-10 items per person. If you have a spare hand steamer or iron that you can leave on a closet shelf, all the better (most clothes don’t travel wrinkle-free). You might also want to leave out a wrinkle releaser spray for guest to find and use on their hanging clothes.

Clean Out a Drawer or Two

Clean out at least one drawer in your custom closet system or dresser. Lining the drawer with colorful contact paper and including a scented sachet is a nice touch. Clean laundry and lavender scents will leave guests clothes smelling so fresh and so clean… and they will be so grateful. You may want to leave the empty drawers slightly open when guests arrive, signaling that they are available for use. This eliminates guests having to awkwardly open and close drawers until they find a free one.

Equip Your Closet System with Sundries

Many people leave something behind when they go on vacation. It’s hard to travel with certain items, like fragrances or body lotions, because they’re too big to be carried onto an airplane and they may break in checked baggage. It’s also common to forget something. You’ll impress your guests by emptying a shelf on your closet and displaying various sundries. You could include everything from suntan lotion to body spray, or other items that you think your guests will need. If you have extra samples from beauty subscription boxes or scented soap you picked up in Hawaii – this is an excellent way to put them to use. Create a cute arrangement with a sign that says “Welcome! Feel Free to Use Any of These Items During Your Stay.”

You’ve designed the ideal guest bedroom. The comforter is comfortable and the floors are shining like the tip of the Chrysler Building. Why not go the extra mile and make your closet system easy for guests to use without having to ask where things are? Preparation also makes it easier for you to host; having everything laid out perfectly in advance means there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your guests’ company.