How A Garage Makeover Can Give You More Space Back

How A Garage Makeover Can Give You More Space Back

February 4, 2019

Are you tired of parking your car in the driveway because your garage has “a situation” happening? If clutter is standing between you and making the most of your garage, it’s time to make a change! Using garage organizers is life-changing. You’ll be able to see, use, and make the most of your garage floor and find things much more quickly. No more spending 45 minutes going through boxes of holiday lights to find your old toaster oven. Here’s how a garage makeover will give you more space back:

Putting Things in Other Rooms

Do you have paint cans or propane tanks hanging out in the garage? They shouldn’t be there anyway, so rehoming them is a no-brainer. A spark from your car could ignite a propane tank, and extreme temperatures are apt to ruin the paint. Find space in your basement, backyard shed, or other storage spaces for these items. Likewise, clearing your garage of items like pet food and paper towels by rehoming these items to the pantry could add up to a significant difference. If you do an inventory of what’s currently living in your garage, you may be surprised about how many items can be rehomed, donated, or tossed.

Utilizing Ceiling Space with Garage Organizers

With some items rehomed or thrown out, you’re ready to get down to the business of organization. Garage organizers are largely designed to be affixed to walls and ceilings, which is perfect for creating space. Your family bikes that have been lining the walls can be hung from the rafters, and your plastic swimming pool that hogs corner space can be stored on a hook. If you think you’ll never make a dent in your garage organization, looking up may provide all the inspiration you need to press forward. Walls adorned with pegboards make it easy to keep tools and small appliances accessible and sorted by shelf or hook.

Rethinking Your Storage Layout

Another big part of a storage makeover is rethinking the entire layout. It’s not only what stays in the garage and whether to put in on the ceiling. And you don’t need to build a garage addition to completely reinvent the way you use the space or change the layout. If you’ve always stored your bikes near the top of the garage, why not move them toward your garage door? This makes it easier to grab them on the way out for a ride. Keep tools concentrated in one area to the side near your workbench, and store household items on shelves just to the side of your house door.

If a garage makeover sounds too daunting to consider, just think about how good it will feel to have room to park your car. No more scraping ice from the windshield or sitting down on the blazing hot black interior! With the help of Closet World, a garage makeover is easier than you might think. Contact us today to learn more.