Helpful Home Office Organization For Biz Owners

Helpful Home Office Organization For Biz Owners

June 4, 2018

Are the piles of papers on your desk stressing you out so much you don’t know where to start? It’s hard to be productive when you’re disorganized; rifling through stacks looking for an invoice wastes precious time. Give yourself the gift of an organized office!

Small business owners who work at home already have a lot of distractions at hand, so you deserve every advantage you can swing. Start organizing your home office today with these helpful home office organization tips, and you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level.

Use Bins, Bins, and More Bins

Even small home offices can be transformed with a generous use of fabric bins and crates. If you can’t build out, you can always stack upward! Bins may be color coded to represent what they hold, adding another layer of organization. Perhaps most importantly, bins clear your desk of endless clutter and make your office more presentable to visiting clients or potential partners. Consider installing cubbies to house your fabric bins or building a custom bookcase where they can rest neatly below books and binders.

Bonus Tip: Choose bins with bold colors against crisp white cabinets to add an interesting design feature to your office.

Get Creative with Home Office Organization Spaces

Many small business owners must create a home office out of a walk-in closet or the corner of their dining room. Can you relate? Even if you have a dedicated office, sometimes you need to think outside the box to maximize your space.

Are you using a lift for your computer? Get one that is open underneath and use those three inches to store notebooks and staplers. Add a suspended shelving unit to your desk for additional storage when you don’t have enough drawers. Get a mini-planter that pulls double duty as a pen holder. Leave no space unused! Tuck cubbies underneath your desk instead of beside it to free up floor space for other furniture.

Bonus Tip: Hang baskets on the wall to store your mail and invoices to give yourself more desk space.

Create an Activity Center for Sorting

One of the biggest challenges for business owners working at home is that you don’t have a copy room and mail room. Make your life easier by dedicating one area of your desk for sorting paperwork and shredding unwanted documents. You can begin each day in your activity center, going through the mail and choosing what to file, what to work on, and what to shred. Your dedicated sorting center can be a corner of your desk or a small island that attaches to your work area.

Bonus Tip: Scan vital documents that don’t require an original signature to cloud storage when they arrive on your desk, then shred the hard copy to save space.

Home office organization marries perfectly with home design. Each decision you make in service of keeping a tidy desk area can also add visual appeal to the space. When you feel good in your office, you’re more likely to be productive. Contact Closet World today about creating a home office with the storage solutions you love!