Give Your Guest Room Closet A Much-Needed Makeover

Give Your Guest Room Closet A Much-Needed Makeover

July 5, 2019

Hosting guests this summer? Whether you’re anticipating a visit from friends or family, the odds are good that your lodgers won’t be coming empty-handed. In fact, many of these visitors will be bringing with them suitcases full of clothing, swimsuits, and more. If you want to excel at hosting, it’s important to offer visitors space to stow these belongings while in your home. Keep reading for Closet World’s top tips on custom closet design for your guest room closet.

Ditch the Clutter

If you want guests to feel welcome in your home, start by clearing out space for them. Spare rooms tend to be popular dumping spots for household items that don’t get a lot of use. From yoga mats to Christmas decorations, there’s a good chance that the closet meant for your guests is actually full of personal items, so take time to clean it out before playing host. Move some items to other parts of the home, such as garages, basements, and attics, while sending others to the trash bin. While it’s okay to keep a few items tucked discreetly in your guest room closet, you should make sure your guests have plenty of space to stow their clothes and suitcases.  

Provide Shelving

Many guest room closets feature little more than a couple of clothing rods and a handful of hangers. While hanging storage is definitely essential for guests staying more than one night, it’s likely not appropriate for all visitors. For example, some items like sweaters and jeans are better stowed on shelves than hangers. Similarly, guests may need space to lay out shoes, jewelry, and cosmetic items during their stays. For best results, include shelf storage as well as racks when designing your guest room closet.

Install New Lighting

It’s doubtful that you enjoy getting dressed in the dark – and the odds are good that your family and friends feel the same way. If you want to create a spare room that’s warm and inviting, find ways of lighting up the closet. Recessed LED lighting is great because it illuminates a space’s dark corners without being overly harsh. And because LEDs are more energy efficient than other lighting options, you don’t have to worry about wasting power and money if your visitor happens to leave the closet light on. As a bonus, LED lighting tends to last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs out on a regular basis.  

Contact the Custom Closet Design Pros

Whether you’re looking to revamp your guest room closet or give your own storage space an upgrade, the team at Closet World can help you achieve your goals. We understand that the best closets marry form and function while providing homeowners with much-needed flexibility for their storage. For more tips on custom closet design, browse our catalog or call to speak to someone on our team. We look forward to helping you get your home in shape.