Give Your Garage a Head-to-Toe Makeover

Give Your Garage a Head-to-Toe Makeover

November 19, 2019

When was the last time you stepped into your garage without cringing? A catch-all for holiday decorations, tools, cleaning supplies, and old clothes, the average garage is seriously lacking in organization. A leader in home storage, Closet World provides a full array of services to organize even the messiest of garages. From installing garage cabinets to replacing old flooring, we boast the tools and techniques needed to beautify this part of the home. Read on for details about how to  give your garage a comprehensive makeover.

Take Out the Trash

It’s hard to create an effective closet organization system if you’re currently storing items that you shouldn’t be. For example, many garages are packed with broken tools and machinery, half-empty cans of paint, old books, and even bags intended for Goodwill. Before installing garage cabinets and shelves, take the time to declutter this part of the home by tossing or donating items as needed. You may even be able to earn some extra cash by selling high-quality clothes and home appliances in good condition.

Remove Items From the Floor

Even if you don’t keep your cars in the garage, you may want to use this space for lawn and garden equipment and worktables. To that end, it’s only logical to keep the floor as empty and clean as possible. Make an effort to organize small items in boxes and bins. You can then stack these storage containers against a wall or stow them away on shelves.

Install Garage Cabinets

Ideal for storing valuable or hazardous items (like pesticides and cleansers), garage cabinets keep items off the floor and out of the hands of small children. Depending on your garage space, you can opt for a floor cabinet or one that mounts on the wall. Choose from an array of cabinet sizes and styles based on your needs and style preferences.

Utilize Ceiling Storage

Most of us make use of our wall and floor storage. However, there’s a part of the garage we typically neglect: the ceiling. The fact is you can mount hooks on the ceiling to stow a wide range of items, including sports gear, ladders, bikes, and more. You can even install ceiling storage racks to maximize available floor space. Just be sure you have sufficient clearance so that none of your hanging items hit the roof of the car.

Trust Closet World With Your Garage Storage

Typically the largest spaces in a house, garages are a logical place to store all those items that don’t fit comfortably in closets and pantries. While there’s nothing wrong with using your garage for storage, it’s important to avoid letting a garage descend into chaos. At Closet World, we specialize in designing and installing complete garage storage systems. From garage cabinets to shelving and ceiling mounts, trust us to keep your garage functioning optimally and looking its best. For more information about our storage solutions, peruse our catalog or call to speak to someone on our team.