Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

November 2, 2019

Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

Unless you’re heading out of town for the holidays, the odds are good that you’ll be entertaining guests at least once during this part of the year. Whether your visitors are dropping by for one night or coming for a full week of celebrating, you want to take steps to ensure their stay is a pleasant one. Here are some of Closet World’s top tips for prepping your guest bedroom for holiday visitors:

Organize Your Entryway

Party guests and overnight visitors need places to store their belongings. Before the holiday season begins, make an effort to organize your entryway or foyer. Ensure there’s space to hang coats and hats, stow purses, and tuck shoes away out of sight. In particular, enclosed cabinets and shoe benches are ideal for keeping clutter out of this part of the home.

Clean Out the Guest Room Closet

For visitors staying a night or longer, it’s worth taking a close look at your guest room closet. If you don’t make a habit of entertaining, this part of the house can be a haven for out-of-season clothes, extra linens, board games, and empty suitcases. Help your guests feel welcome by clearing out these items so they have space to stow their clothes and belongings. In particular, holiday guests may need extra space for gifts they’re giving and receiving.

Label Drawers and Cabinets

Most house guests feel uncomfortable hunting through the homeowner’s closet in search of items they need during their stay. Help them feel less awkward by labeling cabinets and drawers with words like “extra towels,” “spare sheets,” and “magazines.” You should also make an effort to leave the Wi-Fi password in an easy-to-see spot and provide instructions for using the TV or DVD player.

Include Items for the Kids

Families with children have needs that differ from those of solo travelers. In addition to supplying these guests with an air mattress and spare sheets, you can make their stay more enjoyable by providing age-appropriate toys. For example, you might outfit your guest room with books, art supplies, board games, and even snacks. Travelers with infants and toddlers may require special sleeping accommodations. If you’re not sure what your guests will need, don’t hesitate to call or email them and ask ahead of time. They’ll surely appreciate the extra effort.

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