Get Smart About Organizing Your Closet Shelving

Get Smart About Organizing Your Closet Shelving

December 17, 2018

Shelving is the backbone of a custom closet, but how well are you using yours? A pile of sweaters that constantly tilts like the Leaning Tower of Pisa will take away from the aesthetic and functionality of your space. If you’re getting frustrated by your custom shelves, you’re really not maximizing your new closet space.

What does it mean to get smart about organizing your shelves? Being wise about closet shelving could include everything from buying new baskets to paring down your belongings to get rid of clutter. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to get your closet shelves under control.

Keep Things Transparent

One clever strategy for organizing your shelves without losing eyes on where everything belongs is to use mesh baskets or clear bins. Mesh baskets maintain a sophisticated look while clear bins are long-lasting and can blend into any design. When you’re able to see where everything is sitting on your closet shelves, you won’t have to constantly take down cubbies or baskets and rummage to the bottom to see what’s inside – which is a common reservation against sorting clothing into bins. Sorting items into baskets is also a good time to get rid of items you haven’t worn in the last year or so to ease your organization burden.

Label to Your Heart’s Content

If you have your heart set on using cloth cubby bins or other solid containers, you can still organize smartly. Just get to labeling. Some bins and baskets have a slot meant for a label, or you can buy a label maker with clear tape to affix names to each compartment. Small labels won’t take away from the aesthetic of your closet, and they will make your morning routine a whole lot easier. Bottom line: If you’ve been avoiding sorting your closet shelving into cloth cubbies or stylish metal baskets because you think you’ll forget where everything is, now you really have no excuse.

Divide and Conquer

Hate bins and cubbies? All hope is not lost. You can still sort your custom closet shelves in a meaningful way. Vertical metal dividers that affix to shelves will keep sweater and pants piles neatly in order without sacrificing any transparency. Dividers are particularly affordable and they are also adjustable. Many dividers slide onto the shelves, so while they won’t move around on their own, you can slide them down as needed to accommodate wider items. Even better, you won’t have to put holes in your custom wood closet structure to create useful divisions of space. Shelf dividers are usually metal and available in a variety of finishes.

Getting serious about closet organization takes a plan of action. Moving things around will only get you so far, and bins and dividers help you finish the job. If you’re struggling with how to maximize your closet shelving, contact Closet World today for even more ideas about customizing your storage so you have the closet of your dreams.