Get More Use Out of Your Master Walk-In

Get More Use Out of Your Master Walk-In

December 9, 2022

Closets aren’t just places to stow clothes and accessories. They also serve as changing rooms, staging areas, laundry storage, and even hobby spaces. Unfortunately, if your master walk-in is cluttered or poorly organized, it can be hard to use this part of the home to its best advantage. At Closet World, we’re passionate about helping homeowners craft attractive, highly functional storage spaces to organize their possessions and make their lives run more smoothly. From adding new closet shelving to creating vanities and cubbies, here are some of our top tips for getting more out of your master closet.

Give Yourself Space to Get Ready

Getting ready in the morning is hard enough when you have space to breathe. If your closet is cramped and crowded though, this task becomes even more challenging. After all, no one enjoys hunting for the right sweater or pair of earrings when they’re already rushed. If you’re thinking of revamping your closet, installing some drawers for accessories and slanted shelves for shoes is a great way to keep items organized and off the floor.

Add a Vanity for Convenience

If you usually get ready in the bathroom, then you know it’s not an ideal spot for primping. Between the steamed-up mirror and the dangers of the sink drain, there are just too many things that can go wrong when you dress in the bathroom. If you want to get more out of your master walk-in, we recommend installing a vanity area. Use this space to stow jewelry and expensive cosmetics that can be damaged by a moist environment. You can even add special lighting to make getting ready a breeze.

Create Room for Laundry

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you walk into your closet only to find the floor covered in clothes and used towels. If your closet is a bit of a mess, the problem might be that you lack proper space for your laundry. While built-in hampers are a must for any master closet, we also recommend an island. Along with serving as a space for hobbies, an island lets you fold clothes and towels before putting them away. As a bonus, folding clothes in your closet is more convenient, as you don’t have to walk far to put them away when you’re done.

Add Closet Shelving and More With Closet World

At Closet World, our designers are uniquely trained to create closet spaces that marry form and function with ease. Whether you’re adding a little closet shelving or building an entirely new storage area from scratch, our experienced team has the knowledge and training to transform your home based on your needs and desires. And because we offer a full line of accessories, we know the end result will exceed your expectations. Ready to love your closet again? Call us today or contact us online to schedule a meeting with our pros. We look forward to helping you get organized!