Excel at Closet Drawer Organization

Excel at Closet Drawer Organization

March 31, 2023

When it comes to assessing the spaciousness of a walk-in closet, your first thought is probably related to rod room. Of course, most people like to hang their clothes so they can see everything at a glance. However, not every item belongs on a hanger. In fact, many articles of apparel are better stowed in drawers or on shelves. At Closet World, we’re passionate about helping customers determine the best way of showcasing their wardrobes and accessories. Here are some tips to help you organize your closet drawers more effectively, courtesy of our team:

Decide What Items to Fold Vs. Hang

Not all items are best stored on a clothing rod. In fact, wire hangers can actually damage the fabric or create unsightly lines and creases. In general, we recommend hanging up items prone to wrinkling, such as button-down shirts, dresses, jackets, tops, and suits. On the other hand, t-shirts, jeans, yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops can generally be folded and stowed in a drawer. We also recommend using drawers for delicate attire, including nightgowns, lingerie, camisoles, bras, and underwear. Finally, drawers or bins are great for stowing accessories such as socks, scarves, belts, and ties.

Sort by Clothing Item

After deciding what to hang and what to fold, you need to select a way to sort your wardrobe. Make it easier to find the pieces you need by stowing like items together. For example, all the t-shirts can go in one drawer, and all the pajama tops in another. If you have to include more than one type of clothing in a single drawer, consider using clothing dividers. Doing this will help keep your walk-in closet organized and attractive. You can even take things a step further, separating gym socks from those you wear to work or social activities.

Utilize Shelves for Bulky Apparel

While drawers are great for lightweight clothing items, they fill up fast if you use them to stow bulkier pieces. For example, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, and jeans tend to take up a lot of space. Instead of forcing them into drawers or taking up valuable rod space by hanging them, we recommend keeping these items on shelves. You can neatly fold your sweaters or jeans and stack them for easy viewing. As a bonus, this technique helps you see if you have duplicates of a given article of clothing.

Beautify Your Walk-in Closet TodayEvery Closet World consultation starts with an in-person visit from our knowledgeable designers. Professionally trained and extremely experienced, our team members sit down with you one on one to discuss your needs and concerns. Additionally, we’ll measure your space and help itemize belongings, so you can determine what layout best suits your walk-in closet. And because we stock a wide selection of accessories and finishes, you don’t have to worry about the end result not melding with your existing design. Ready to get organized in time for spring cleaning? Schedule your request online or call to speak to someone on our team today.