Design Tips For Tiny House Living

Design Tips For Tiny House Living

August 28, 2018

Tiny house living is a popular and affordable trend. You might be surprised how full a life you can pack into 400 square feet! If there is one hurdle to overcome, it’s that there is no room for disorganization when every inch of your home must be accounted for. Tiny house living mandates that you know how to make use of every corner of your home. If you’re not a neat freak already, it’s time to start becoming one.

On the other hand, if closet organizing is your game, tiny house living is your Olympic final. In fact, with so many rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room, office, and bedroom) combined into a single small space – your creative juices have never been more vital. Here are some design tips for living in a tiny house.

Play with Unexpected Uses of Space

You have to think outside the box when you’re living in a tiny home. Hang mason jars from their lids along wooden shelves using magnets and hide additional storage underneath your kitchen table. Fold your desk or bed against the wall when you’re not using them, and turn the space beneath your stairs into cubbies for photos and scarves. Remember that every inch counts, including the space beneath your feet. Some tiny houses can accommodate in-floor storage boxes.

Make Everything Serve Dual Purposes

In a tiny home, nothing serves just one purpose. Your loveseat is also a spare bed, your bike will hang on the wall as artwork, and your bed is additional storage thanks to drawers in the frame. The key to tiny house design is blending functionality with your aesthetic.

You don’t have to surrender your personal sense of style to be practical. Marry hip, natural wood open shelves and twinkle lights with an ottoman containing hidden storage. Create a haven for modern art that includes paintings that swing open to reveal shallow shelves. Integrate playful, bright cubbies into your closet organizing. You can combine what you love with what you need.

Get Comfortable with Stacking and Closet Organizing

A major component to tiny house design is stacking, stacking, and more stacking. Your closet space will be limited, so maximize what you have using boxes above and below your hanging racks. In the kitchen, pile cups high, and in the office area use stackable paper organizers. Even benches along the wall can have a liftable seat that reveals stacked shoeboxes filled with out of season boots or flip-flops. Think of your tiny house storage like a puzzle – as long as everything fits in the right place, the picture is beautiful.

A tiny house may only be a few hundred square feet, but you can pack a lot of design punch into the modest space. Even better, you can remain organized all while you put your style stamp on the space. When in doubt, buy multiple containers in small sizes as opposed to a single large bin. Small storage accessories give you options and are more adaptable to new configurations when you redecorate!