Dealing With Closet Organizing In Studio Apartments

Dealing With Closet Organizing In Studio Apartments

January 3, 2019

Living in a studio can be delightful. Tidying up is easy since there isn’t much to clean, you don’t have to worry about people asking to crash at your place, and the rent is more affordable. But the closet space is often a problem. When you live in a studio, you must be on top of your closet organizing game. If you’re struggling with how to be efficient with your storage (and avoid throwing away half of your clothes), here are some suggestions for how to deal with closets in studio apartments:

Use a Portable Walk-In Closet

If you’re limited to a small hall closet in your studio, you don’t have to throw away your dream of a walk-in closet. With a portable walk-in closet, two big doors roll outward to reveal a system of shelves, hanging space, and body-length mirrors. When you close the doors back up, the closet only occupies as much space as an armoire. You can still use the top of the portable closet for storage, too. Best of all, you get to take your closet with you when you move so you don’t have to figure out a whole new method of closet organizing at the next place.

Create Your Own Dividers for Closet Organizing

You can also work with limited closet space to create an organized system that meets your needs. If you walk in to discover a single hanging bar and an old shelf, you have your work cut out for you. But, you also have an open canvas. Install shelving at the bottom of your closet and a second shelf at the top if there is room. Then use removable dividers to create make-shift cubbies out of your shelves. Likewise, you can use a hanging garment back to create divisions within a single hanging rack of clothes. These simple measures create a significant sense of organization right away.

Get Storage Equipped Furniture

You don’t need a bench, you need a bench that opens up to reveal storage. Everything from your bed to your ottoman can be purchased with built-in drawers, too. When your closet isn’t enough, look elsewhere in your studio apartment for unused space. Most items can be turned into a mini-closet when you’re feeling creative. Hang shoes from the back of your front door and turn your hats into a wall display. When it comes to closet organizing in a studio, the definition is pretty loose – your entire apartment becomes a well-crafted storage space that still looks cool.

Organizing your closet requires creative thinking all the time, but never more than when you’re in a studio apartment. Every square inch must have a purpose. Thankfully, with some extra storage solutions and an attitude of “divide and conquer,” you can turn your studio apartment closet into a space that works for you. If you’re looking for more small- space closet solutions, contact Closet World today to find out what you can do to organize your life in a tiny apartment.