De-Clutter Your House by Targeting These Home Hotspots

De-Clutter Your House by Targeting These Home Hotspots

October 5, 2020

Some areas of the home seem to attract clutter. Of course, you’ll always find the stray pair of shoes in the bedroom or discarded sweater tossed over a chair in the kitchen. But certain parts of the house are far more untidy than others. While you might not be able to banish the mess for good, targeting these hotspots can help you get your home in shape. Keep reading for some of our top organizational tips and closet storage solutions:

The Entry

The foyer or entryway is commonplace for clutter to gather. Not only do people leave coats and shoes in this part of the home, but it’s also a hotspot for kids’ lunchboxes, backpacks, books, and toys. If you want to eliminate the mess in this part of the home, start by determining what items need to remain there and which ones can be moved to another area. For example, you might want to use your entry to stow heavy jackets, raincoats, shoes, umbrellas, and hats and gloves. Next, you can determine what closet storage solution will best meet your needs. Options include hooks, baskets, storage benches, coat trees, and even customized cabinets.

The Garage

It’s natural to stow unneeded items in the garage. After all, this area of the house is large, spacious, and rarely seen by your company. Unfortunately, many of us have a habit of stuffing possessions in the garage without bothering to create a proper organization system. Not only do we hold on to broken or unneeded items that should really be thrown away, but we also fail to store possessions in the right manner. Rather than using up valuable floor space with your belongings, consider installing some custom storage solutions. Shelves are great for smaller items, while overhead storage works best for bulky or oddly shaped belongings, like bikes. Finally, you can use a cabinet to keep possessions you want to hide out of the view of children and visitors.

The Closet

The bedroom closet (or closets) is another spot where clutter seems to accumulate. One of the best ways to minimize mess in your walk-in is to make sure your laundry system is in order. Built-in hampers tend to take up less space than the freestanding variety. Additionally, you can save space by moving seasonal clothing to other parts of the home when it’s not in use.

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