Create a Soothing Storage Closet With These Tips

Create a Soothing Storage Closet With These Tips

December 3, 2019

A closet isn’t just a place to hang your hat -- or your jeans, jacket, and favorite cocktail dress. On the contrary, the best storage closets offer a soothing respite from the outside world. For most people, a closet is one of the first places they visit in the morning and the last ones they see at night, so it’s only logical to keep this space organized and attractive. Read on for some of Closet World’s top tips for adding form and function to your closet.

Ditch the Clutter

It’s hard to feel at peace in a closet that’s cluttered and disorganized. If you want to create a sense of harmony in your storage spaces, strive to get rid of items that have overstayed their welcome. For example, you should donate or sell high-quality pieces that no longer fit. Throw away any clothing that has rips or tears and avoid buying articles that you’re unlikely to use more than once. Finally, you should make an effort to put dirty clothes in the laundry and hang up gently worn pieces rather than leaving them on the floor.

Choose Soothing Hues

The colors you use to decorate your storage closet can have a profound effect on the space’s energy. For example, blues and purples are known for promoting a sense of calm, while shades of white make a room seem clean. On the other hand, green is thought to be energizing. Choose a hue that calms and relaxes you if you want your closet to provide soothing vibes.

Organize by Apparel Type

How many times have you searched your closet for a particular item, only to find it in the place you least expected? If your closet isn’t properly organized, you’re bound to get stressed out every time you step inside. Minimize apparel anxiety by arranging your clothes by type. For example, you might use higher rods for dresses and tops and keep skirts and jeans on a lower rod. You can even suborder each section by color or usage.

Enhance Your Lighting

What’s the point in organizing and beautifying your closet space if you can’t see your hard work whenever you step inside? One of the best ways to add tranquility to this part of the home is to use the correct lighting. Along with overhead lights, consider adding lamps, track lighting, and dimmers. You may even want to use some accent lights to highlight beloved pieces like designer handbags and beloved pieces of jewelry.

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