Closet System Solutions for Large Families

Closet System Solutions for Large Families

November 24, 2019

Big families mean more fun -- and more storage challenges. After all, every member of the household has their wardrobe, shoe collection, and accessories. Additionally, younger children are likely to have toy collections, while older ones have sports equipment, uniforms, and school supplies. If your family is on the large size, you need to put extra effort into arranging your storage spaces. The key to staying organized is ensuring there’s a place for every item. Check out some of Closet World’s top tips for creating an exceptional closet system suitable to a large family:

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

Large families come with large amounts of storage. Along with old clothes and toys, households hold onto school papers, documents, photos, decorations, and more. Before getting started with your closet system renovations, make an effort to ditch or donate any items that you don’t consider essential. While it’s fine to retain some items out of sentiment, you should avoid keeping every kid drawing or school quiz; there’s a fine line between storage and hoarding.

Store Shoes in Style

Even if your family isn’t particularly fashion-forward, the odds are good that every member of the household has several pairs of shoes. Along with sneakers, your kids’ closets probably feature sandals, snowshoes, and a pair of shoes for special occasions at a minimum. To that end, big families need to invest in good shoe storage systems. Consider placing a shoe bench or storage cabinet in your hallway. Cubbies are also a great choice for smaller shoes, as you can view your family’s entire collection at a glance.

Utilize the Cubby System

Speaking of cubbies, they represent an ideal clothing storage option for small children. Because kids can see their entire wardrobes with ease, they don’t have to rifle through closets or bureaus to find their favorite shirt or pair of pajamas. As a result, you’re less likely to wind up with a pile of crumpled up clothes on the closet floor.

Opt for Tilt-Out Hampers

Big families mean big piles of laundry. On a daily basis, each child will likely wear school clothes, play clothes, and pajamas if not sports uniforms as well. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to optimize your home’s laundry system. Tilt-out hampers are great for organizing laundry into different loads. You can even place signs over the individual bags indicating whether they’re for whites, bright colors, or delicates. As a bonus, these bags are light and easy to transport, so you can carry them to the basement or laundry room as needed.

Contact the Closet System Specialists

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