Closet Organization Struggles? Try These Tips

Closet Organization Struggles? Try These Tips

September 2, 2022

Do you spend precious minutes searching for an outfit each morning only to wind up stressed, annoyed, and late for work? If that sounds familiar, you might be suffering from a disorganized closet. The good news is that closet organization woes are nothing new. Moreover, there are steps you can take to revamp your closet system so it’s easy to find what you need. Ready to transform your morning routine? Check out these tips courtesy of the experts at Closet World.

Use the Hanger Method

If you’ve never attempted to remodel your closet before, then you might not be familiar with the hanger trick. A technique for eliminating clothing you no longer use, the hanger method involves placing every piece of clothing in the closet backward. When you wear a piece, flip the hanger around, so it’s facing forward again. After six months, consider tossing or donating the clothes on any hangers that are still facing the wrong way. That way, you don’t waste space stowing items that no longer meet your needs.

Sort Clothing by Type

Do you spend long minutes each morning trying to find that perfect top to go with your slacks? Sorting clothes by type can make a big difference in both your closet organization and your daily routine. For example, you could revamp your closet system so t-shirts are with t-shirts and dresses with dresses. If any one section starts to get unwieldy, it may be time to thin out that area, identifying pieces to throw away or give to charity.

Try Vacuum Sealing

Even the most spacious closet won’t necessarily hold everything you own at once. If you need more room for your wardrobe, think about vacuum sealing articles that aren’t in season. For example, you can keep bulky sweaters and winter coats in a plastic bin under the bed during the summer months. Similarly, bathing suits and shorts can be stowed in plastic when the weather gets cold.

Remodel Your Current Closet

If you’re truly suffering from closet organization stress, it might be time to revamp this part of the home. Whether you’re dealing with a spacious walk-in or a tiny reach-in, the right closet system can maximize your storage area. Plus, you can customize your new closet to fit your specific needs, such as more shoe space or additional room for accessories. The end result is that you can view your entire wardrobe at a glance and stop wasting time searching for pieces you need.

Trust Us With Your Closet System

When was the last time you felt like your closet system worked for you? Leaders in closet design and installation, our team members are specially trained to create beautiful closets and spaces that marry form and function. Whether you’re looking for space for clothes or room for laundry, we can turn your dreams into realities. Call today to speak to one of our staff or schedule your request online. We look forward to helping you get organized.