Closet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Closet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid This Year

October 7, 2022

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You wake up early with the intention of getting to work on time. However, the moment you open your closet, you discover that nothing is where it should be. The end result is it takes far longer than intended to find an outfit and get ready for the day. The truth is that a disorganized closet can result in a great deal of stress and inconvenience. Moreso, there are a number of closet cleaning mistakes that many of us indulge in on a regular basis. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new closet system or just give your current storage space a bit of a facelift, there are ways to get organized once and for all. Here are some closet cleaning mistakes to avoid, courtesy of the pros at Closet World.

Mixing Different Categories of Clothes Together

Want to avoid the biggest closet organizing mistakes? Stop stowing different types of clothing together. When you mix up your tops, bottoms, dresses, and jackets, you make it harder to find what you’re seeking. As a result, it will take you longer to get ready in the morning. Additionally, grouping different categories increase the odds that you’ll waste money repurchasing pieces you already own.

Mixing Clothing From Different Seasons

Do you struggle to find the clothes you’re seeking in the morning? Is it hard for you to get ready for a date, work, or a family gathering? If so, the problem might be that your closet is too full. Fortunately, you can solve this issue by storing out-of-season attire somewhere else. When the weather is warm, think about moving coats and bulky sweaters to another part of the home. Similarly, you can relocate shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops when the mercury rises. As a bonus, your seasonal clothes will look fresh and new when you see them again after the seasonal absence.

Ignoring Aesthetics

Want to love your closet again? Stop hanging items without concern for aesthetics. To create a storage space that makes you smile, consider grouping items by color or hanging them by length from left to right. In other words, long coats and dresses would go on the far left of the closet, followed by long pants and skirts. Short jackets and tops would be stored on the right.

Neglecting Jewelry

Would-be closet organizers know they need spaces to stow clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, many people neglect to consider where they’ll put their jewelry. As a result, these beloved pieces often wind up strewn over the bottom of a drawer rather than displayed beautifully on the back of the door where you can see them.

Make Your Closet System Work for You

If you’ve never had a Closet World designer visit your home before, then you’re in for a treat. Professionally trained experts with an eye for style, our talented teammates will do everything necessary to create the closet of your dreams. During your hour-long appointment, you can expect your designer to measure your space and take inventory of your belongings. Additionally, we’ll present you with an array of ideas and samples so you can find the perfect options for your taste and needs. Our goal is to build a high-quality closet that melds seamlessly with your existing decor. Ready to get started? Call today or contact us online to schedule your request. We look forward to helping you reorganize.