Clever Storage Solutions For Your Small Bathroom

Clever Storage Solutions For Your Small Bathroom

March 26, 2019

Bathroom closets aren’t easy to come by. If you’re lucky, you may have a few shelves tucked behind a narrow door, but many people are working with under-sink storage and a medicine cabinet. That means you have to get creative. If you’re living with a small bathroom, all hope is not lost. Here are three clever solutions for organization:

Magnetic Strips

Custom cabinets can be a great way to keep your bathroom together. There are the obvious perks, like drawers or baskets, but the inside surface of cabinet doors have their own hidden opportunities. Hang a magnetic strip inside your cabinet and you can store a variety of metallic items easily. Everything from hair pins to tweezers will stick to the magnet. You can also apply magnetic strips to your walls, the side of a cabinet, or the inside of bathroom closets.

Hung Baskets and Jars

So, what do you do if you don’t have enough wall space to hang a full cabinet? A trip to a craft or big box store for some rectangular baskets may be all you need to achieve additional bathroom storage. You’d be surprised how many bits and bobs you can store in mounted baskets, and they fit conveniently flush with your wall. Wicker baskets are the perfect compromise when you don’t want to leave items exposed on a shelf but you’re out of drawer space.

Baskets can be mounted with nails or screws in just a few minutes – aim for a stud to make sure they can handle the weight of your stuff. If you’re feeling like a hipster, mount mason jars to a piece of wood (metal hose clamps around the top of the jars are easily affixed to the wood). Jars are a good place to store lip gloss, Q-Tips, and hotel shampoos. Mason jars can also be hung from hooks.

Hidden Shelves

You can recreate the functionality of a closet in your bathroom without tearing down any walls. All you need is some wall space and a supply of timber. You’ll begin by constructing a set of vertical shelves along one wall. Then, surround them with a frame of perpendicular wood that extends about 3-5 inches out from the wall.

All that’s left to do is add a door to the front of the framed shelving, and you’ve got a small mini-closet where you can store everything from spare toilet paper to a curling iron. You may even want to add a mirror to the front to add more functionality. This solution requires a bit of open floor space (the door will open outward), but it’s a pretty ingenious way to add a closet to a small room.

Still scratching your head about how to make your small bathroom work for you? Turning a modest closet into a custom space or redoing your cabinetry could totally change the look and functionality of your space. Contact Closet World today to learn more about how to use customized cabinets, shelves, and drawers to reinvent your home storage strategies.