Calm Your Closet With Feng Shui

Calm Your Closet With Feng Shui

May 29, 2018

Closet looking a little disorganized these days? Wondering if there’s a magical solution to your chaos and clutter? A Chinese system of laws related to spatial arrangement, feng shui strives to create a harmonious environment by considering the flow of energy as it relates to design.

While feng shui might seem like the stuff of legend – or a practice favorite by New Age types – the truth is you can use these strategies to make your home a more peaceful place. Here are some tips for calming your closet with a dose of feng shui:

De-clutter and Eliminate

In order to give your closet a feng shui feel, you need to start by removing the clutter. Many people wear only a small percentage of the items in their wardrobes. To get organized and kick clutter to the curb, take time to sort through the contents of your closet, separating articles into bins to keep, trash, and donate. If an item is ill-fitting, stained, or unflattering, you might want to let it go. In the end, you’ll feel more positively about your closet when you look inside and see only items that you love.

Install Organization

If you want to keep your closet clean and orderly for the long haul, it’s not enough to take out the trash – you also have to implement some effective organizational systems. A good closet system will let you take advantage of all available space while ensuring that finding what you need is a breeze. For example, you might want to add extra rods, custom shoe displays, clear plastic boxes, or even wood hangers to give your closet that touch of natural elegance.

Arrange Clothing by Color

Want to create a closet system that’s easy on the eyes? Try organizing your clothing by color. You can opt to arrange clothes in a rainbow array, going from red to violet, or you can sort colors into warm and cool sections – reds and oranges on one side and blues and greens on the other. The end result will be a treat for the eyes, and you’ll have an easier time finding the items you want.

Be Beautiful

For a closet to adhere to feng shui standards, it should be both functional and beautiful. After you finish eliminating clutter and getting your new organizational system in place, take time to beautify this part of the home. You might want to do this by displaying your favorite jewelry or that scarf collection you’ve been building for years. The goal is to design something unique that makes you smile every time you see it.

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