Beautify Your Bedroom Closet With These Tips

Beautify Your Bedroom Closet With These Tips

September 9, 2019

Walk-in closets aren’t just places to stow your clothes when you aren’t wearing them. Ideally, these spaces should also function as soothing areas of the home where you can relax, try on articles of clothing, and admire your wardrobe. If your closet isn’t living up to this goal, it might be time to give it a makeover. Read on for Closet World’s top tips on how to design a closet that will be the envy of your friends.

Upgrade Your Cabinetry

If your goal is to design a closet that’s both attractive and functional, the first step is to assess your current cabinetry. Along with clothing rods, the best closets feature built-in shelving, drawers, and islands to help you organize your wardrobe. Additionally, closets can feature specific spaces for jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. Whether you’re remodeling your current closet or designing one from scratch, start by considering your preferred style. For example, you might prefer something classic or contemporary, French country or Asian-inspired. With a little research, you can find the cabinet style that meets your needs and budget.

Raise the Lights

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your cabinetry is if you can’t see it -- and the same goes for your wardrobe. Beautify your walk-in closet by installing customized lighting elements to show off your possessions. For best results, use a mixture of overhead lights (for soft, ambient illumination) and LED task lighting, which is useful for picking out clothes and accessories. Look for color temperatures between 3000 and 3500K to create pristine white light for this part of the home. Avoid yellow lighting, as that tends to be unflattering. The last thing you want is to install lighting that makes you look less than your best. Finally, you should consider including a few accent lights to highlight your favorite pieces. Along with providing extra illumination, accent lighting helps turn your best wardrobe items into pieces of art. The result is a closet where you’ll want to spend extra time.

Upgrade Your Hangers

Even if you can’t afford to makeover your closet from the studs up, there are still steps you can take to make this part of your home a little more appealing. An easy and affordable option is to replace your current mismatched hangers with a higher-quality option. Ditch those plastic and wire hangers in favor of some solid wooden ones. Along with giving your closet a more uniform appearance, wooden hangers will protect your clothes from wrinkles and damage.

Design a Closet That Meets Your Needs

At Closet World, we’re passionate about creating personalized closets that meet clients’ needs concerning both form and function. To that end, we offer one of the largest selections of products and accessories in the industry. From materials and colors to features and finishes, we utilize only the highest quality components to ensure your closet stands the test of time. Ready to create something beautiful? Call today or contact our team online.