5 Closet Trends For 2019

5 Closet Trends For 2019

April 24, 2019

Kitchens may be the hearth of your home, but your closets can make or break how you feel about living there. Anyone who’s ever spent 15 minutes looking for a particular pair of pants understands that a bad closet can make you want to list your home. Closets are a big deal.

If you want to be in your current place for the long haul, consider getting a custom closet. When you create an on-trend space from scratch, you’ll fall in love with your home all over again. Here are five trends to consider:

  1. Double the Hanging, Double the Fun

One closet trend for 2019 that adds as much space as it does style is double-decker hanging bars. If you prefer putting items on a hanger instead of organizing shelves, this trend will be a breath of fresh air. Doubling up on hanging racks means your blouses will never end up in a wrinkled pile again. You can even graduate your pants from a cloth bin to a wooden hanger.

  1. His and Hers Closets

His and hers (or his/his, hers/hers) closets are bringing peace to homes across the country! When one side is dedicated to each partner, each person can create a custom design that meets their needs. You can also create mirror image sides, so neither partner gets more storage than the other. Equality breeds harmony.

  1. Adjustability

This trend is huge. And, it’s also convenient. Adjustable shelves and hanging bars are becoming fairly standard in most new custom closets. Not only does this mean you can rearrange your closet space when you buy bigger bins for your shelves, but a new owner could also reinvent it. This makes the closet appealing to a buyer one day.

  1. Corners are Killing It

Corner killing has been a popular strategy in kitchen pantries for a long time; using this technique, designers create an empty space hidden by cabinetry to avoid awkward angles. In other closets, corner designs are killing the storage game instead of being killed. Custom, angular shelves allow for open storage in the corners of your closet where you might typically end up struggling to reach things.

  1. Gray for Days

Neutrals have long been trending for homes. That won’t surprise you. But did you know that going with white or brown shelves isn’t where your choices end? In 2019, we’re starting to move away from whites and tans and into the gray family. When you outfit your closet with gray shelves and accessories, you can add in various pops of color and anything will match. A deep gray is easier to keep spotless than crisp white and it’s just as appealing to future owners.

Are you ready to update your closet? You may as well stay on trend. These five options are not only on the upswing now, but they’ll stand the test of time. If you need even more ideas, contact Closet World today to talk about creating a trendy custom closet for your home!