4 Tricks for Designing for a Display-Worthy Closet

4 Tricks for Designing for a Display-Worthy Closet

October 11, 2019

The ideal closet offers more than a place to put your clothes. Marrying function and aesthetics, the best closets allow you to showcase your preferred pieces in style while providing a space for you to rest and recharge at the beginning and the end of the day. At Closet World, our team specializes in providing the leading-edge closet organization ideas needed to beautify this part of the home. Keep reading to discover a few of our top tips for designing a display-worthy space:

Light It Up

A dark closet is both less inviting and less functional. After all, you might have trouble finding the clothing and accessories you desire or encounter difficulty finding colors that match. Along with adding utility to this area of the home, lighting enables you to showcase treasured pieces to greater effect. While ceiling lights are good for overall illumination, track and accent lighting is ideal for highlighting particular pieces. The result is a closet where you’ll truly love spending time.

Put Clothes Away

Does your closet floor look like a laundromat exploded? If so, then the odds are good that stepping into this space won’t bring a smile to your lips. To create an aesthetically pleasing place to get ready, aim to put your clothes away as soon as you take them off. Toss dirty items in the hamper rather than dropping them on the floor or chair. For items that don’t need to be washed quite yet -- like jeans you’ve worn once or twice -- make an effort to fold them and put them away. You’ll be happy with the end result.

Find a System That Works for You

There’s no one perfect way to organize a closet. However, if you want to create a show-stopping space, having an organizational system can help. Based on your lifestyle and preferences, you may opt to arrange your clothing collection by type, usage, or even color. Regardless of the schematic you choose, make an effort to stick to it and put pieces back where they go after wearing them.

Install Custom Shelving

When it comes to creating a display-worthy closet, one of the most crucial tasks is ensuring there’s a specific place for every item in your wardrobe. If you need to get this area of the home in ship shape, think about installing some custom shelves and drawers. Place your favorite pieces (like designer shoes and handbags) on shelves and tuck less attractive items (workout wear and undies) away in drawers and cubbies.

Contact Us for More Closet Organization Ideas

The team at Closet World is passionate about providing you with exciting closet organization ideas and tricks to suit your particular needs. Plus, we offer an extensive array of colors, finishes, features, and accessories to ensure that the result of the design process meets your needs and goals. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our closet designers online for a quote.